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Judges blocked the trump administration from replacing lawyers in the census citizenship fight CBS news has report coming up next also on the way mourners remembering the master pitchman Lee Iacocca god bless them I'm John Hewitt plus recreational marijuana could be sold at some dispensaries in Michigan by the end of the year good morning I'm Jim Matthews for double double J. newsradio nine fifty sports coming up the top four forty five seven three win for the American League they top the National League in the all star game now CBS CBS news update the president's desire to have a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census is being argued in court the justice department wants to replace nine of its attorneys on the case federal judge Geshu Fuhrman yesterday said no citing the government's failure to provide satisfactory reasons for the move CBS news legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum judge Fuhrman is correct in saying that if the justice department lawyers wish to withdraw or if they're being pulled off the case by their supervisors someone needs to explain why this is happening because it might result in a delay in the administration of the case while a law professor and former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson these are the same lawyers that went to the judge and said we have to have an answer by the end of June the same lawyer she said this is our reason for wanting this question and then the Supreme Court said it's just a pretext for those career lawyers their credibility is on the line CBS news update I'm but Michigan Mrs newsradio nine fifty doubled up Jamie's time four thirty two mourners were remembering auto industry legend Lee Iacocca yesterday at a visitation that took place W. dubb J. newsradio nine fifties John Hewitt reports well there were several notable visitors like former Chrysler president Bob Lutz and former Michigan governor Jim Blanchard who stop by here at lunch and sons funeral home in Clawson many others never knew Lee Iacocca at all but felt they also had to come by among the ramen tries to Rochester hills a forty seven year Chrysler employee at Warren in sterling stamping just to show that I appreciated what he did Robert Schneider of Warren who worked at the old Chrysler plant became emotional when talking about I a coca man he said felt like family he saved our pensions and our jobs god bless some a fearless schedule for eleven o'clock Wednesday morning it's safe you go up the hills Catholic Church Michael who will be buried at wait chapel cemetery in Troy John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty businessman and presidential candidate Ross Perot is died he was the original billionaire who tapped into working class anger as a foundation for his presidential campaign more about his life now from CBS's Jim Axelrod one of the wealthiest men in the country when he ran for president in nineteen ninety two H. Ross Perot body suits at men's warehouse and does he showed Morley safer on sixty minutes drove an eight year old Oldsmobile the Texans populist campaign laser it on stagnant wages and big government best kept secret America twelve hundred I have a jets worth ten billion dollars flying government officials around why can't they try and act like we live okay go to the airport getting land lose your luggage either by a male have a taste reality the political reality of nineteen ninety two was right for populism Ross Perot died yesterday at the age of eighty nine after a battle with leukemia double double J. news time four thirty for the federal court of appeals in New Orleans heard arguments yesterday about the constitutionality of obamacare reporter Dave Cullen says the fight pits Republican states against democratic states attorney Sam Siegel urge the court to allow the affordable Care Act to continue despite the mandate that all Americans have insurance was stripped from the law reading the.

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