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Welcome to the wicket a podcast this is sam harris there's been an interesting thing happening i don't quite know what this means but i've been seen in the last few weeks the one of said things that are overtly disparaging of religion i beginning push back from my audience in ways that i never had before one i think it's happened here is that i have spent enough time off the topic of atheism and religion what a conflict between science and religion that have attracted new podcast listeners mostly who are not so familiar with my work on that topic so as i noticed this and to places first in in my last podcast with andrew sullivan david frum in dc i said at one point when debating the validity of religion with andrew something about not having to believe in a bullshit to lead a more alive and mine calling in this case catholic dogma bullshit was deemed offensive by some people i remember the price on people in the room who felt that and they're definitely some people who reached out by email to communicate that to be so disparaging of a religious tradition was unbecoming in me or counterproductive all i can say is if you were to read my first book and faith or my second book letter to a christian nation there are perhaps some surprises in store for you it really comes down for me between the difference between believing things for good reasons and believe in things for batteries ins and good reasons or the province of rationality and science an honest conversation and bad reasons of the province of selfdeception and wishful thinking and conscious fraud and dogmatism and there's nowhere were these latter attributes are given more energy than in the context of religion where they get rebranded as faith and promoted to the pantheon of human virtues so all i can say is that there are some surprises in store perhaps unpleasant if you look at what i've said and written about religion in the past the other piece of data i have here as i recently put out a medium on social media which took a quote which came from one of my talks i think would be came from my debate with william lane craig mccaw.

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