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President Trump, Naomi Rock, International Monetary Fund discussed on Dave Ramsey


Reporting I'm Jim Shannon V. the impeachment trial of president trump gets under way tomorrow correspondent Natalie brand has a preview Democrats say they need to hear from four current and former administration officials who have information about the decision to hold up funding for Ukraine we are going to demand votes yes or no upper down on the four witnesses we've requested and on the three sets of documents we requested president trump responded on Twitter saying they didn't want John Bolton and others in the house they were in too much of a rush now they want the mall in the Senate not supposed to be that way Natalie brand CBS news Capitol Hill no trouble reported from a rally of gun rights supporters that drew more than twenty thousand demonstrators to the Virginia capital I'm Jim crystal in Richmond Virginia the thousands of gun rights supporters who gathered outside the Virginia state capital wanted to send the message of the state's democratic leaders taking aim a gun legislation with these legislatures no we don't like what they're doing they're infringing on all right I think that's unfair and and dangers many of the protesters were armed with assault rifles and hand guns and more bright orange stickers reading guns save lives federal health officials are gearing up special screening of visitors from China and several other Asian countries where an outbreak of a sars like disease has been reported CBS's rainy Inocencio reports from Wuhan China the epicenter of this viral outbreak people here are getting ready to make what's known as the world's biggest annual migration making nearly three billion trips to celebrate Chinese New Year and while the risk of U. S. outbreak is still low the CDC says it's something they're watching very carefully is marijuana Arista heart health CBS's doctor terra no ruler a review of data found smoking marijuana is linked with increased heart rate and blood pressure altered heart muscle and blood vessels an increased risk for abnormal heart rhythms with eleven states now legalizing recreational marijuana in vaping cannabis products becoming more popular doctors are sounding a note of caution the US stock market's been on fire for about a year now but is there a change in the offing CBS moneywatch reporter Naomi rock them the International Monetary Fund is downgrading its outlook for the global economy the IMF now forecasts growth of three point three percent for twenty twenty Hey down one tenth of a percent from its last estimate in October the fines chief economist cited lower growth in emerging markets like India for its revised outlook the US stock markets were closed today for Martin Luther king day global stocks were mostly lower investors booking profits from last week's rally before some key US earnings reports hit the street this is CBS news did you know you.

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President Trump, Naomi Rock, International Monetary Fund discussed on Dave Ramsey

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