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Go for politics because he's never siri he's entertained running for positions but he's never seriously run for office people who come up through the ranks there are local delegate their state senator their congressman or senator folks i've run for office it is disgusting the process is gross it's why i'm never ever running again do you have any idea how many people approach you with a wink nod for all kinds of like deals you know how many deals you have to cut before you make it to be president united states if you came up through the ranks congress senate low you know you were a local city council person you know so many people favors those favors are used as a way to keep you in check to hey tony mr president tony remember that time when you were a city council person and we cut that land deal yeah you know you don't want that going public right maybe we need to talk about another deal you're going to do for me now that may be a hyperbolic dramatic example but you get the point you see what i'm saying that the deal cutting creates a set of almost bookie client type relationships where you don't want people to know your betting over the years and the book you don't want me to go to the feds right trump doesn't need any of this he is so dangerous to the swamp because he will he doesn't he doesn't care you can see the way he acts the way tweets everything they tell him to do he does the opposite that's why trump is target number one right now at everybody in his fear has to be taken down that's why i laughed when in yesterday show and they said well you know bob molars or republican i don't care what are you buy the one the by the way the investigative team is stacked with democrats as we showed in yesterday's show notes map palumbo article but it doesn't matter swampy republicans need trump gone to oh don't believe me look this is one of the rare times by the way i'll put a cnn lincoln the show notes but it's worth reading it's actually pretty well done piece i've rarely do i do this give cnn clicks but a cnn politics piece joe.

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