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So so the boundary within which we find ourselves and protect ourselves and hold ourselves. Leaves us feeling non-porous to the world around us. We actually don't want to feel poor. So there's a the the onl- Evie culture anthropologists have described their sense of person hood. And and they they it's been said they have a radical indeterminate indeterminately of the self a radical indeterminately of I mean, that's a nightmare to us our values. I of course, I need to know why how could I yield to a radical instruments, but you can yield to the present. And the fluxes of the present without yielding to to the changes it stirs up within. I'm there's another anthropologist. Who talks about the porosity of personal within the ongo culture. And that again is a nightmare to us. But you're very reality is sustained by the flow of the world Fuyu. Whether it's whether it's your breath taking the accelerations of forests or the food moving through you becoming you. Or the energy of the person you're with passing through your own be fell the most difficult aspect in a way is preparing the field in a gentle encouraging way to say, you know, there's another way of being and it feels better. And it doesn't mean giving up anything of importance it. It's just a matter of softening into who you truly are and coming into harmony with the president around you. We come into the Harmon into harmony with the world will continue to push it into imbalances. Phillip I wanna ask you a questionable bullying, and that's because I've worked in the field of bullying prevention for over a decade. Now, always like to ask a question. If you have a story that involves bullying, we're mindfulness would have made a difference to a story you can share with us. Yeah. One game one that happened. Very recently. I I facilitate teachers strings so that people who are learning to teach my work a woman just destroyed me back. There was a there's a woman in her neighborhood. Who is something of a of a bully. And we actually talked about it during the course. And she said what can I what what can I do about it? And I made some suggestions. Well, she she got back and sure enough. You know, she went out walking her dog. And there's this woman, and there's no getting away on the woman comes out or and she just gras more and more deeply into her wholeness into her mindfulness into that grounded receptive chorus. Responsive place, and she said the woman talked out her for about two minutes and then left looking slightly confused. And normally it would have been like twenty minutes of and I I really took heart from that. She didn't she didn't do anything but land in that mindful coherence of her. Awareness at this moment. I love I love where that went. And how it went? What a great story Philip. That's great Philip as we move toward the end of the interview, I want to ask you five quick answer questions. So just thirty second answers. I perfect. The first one is this who is one person who was influenced your mindfulness practice Marion Woodman who died yesterday extrordinary woman. There's a there's a movie brilliant movie made of our called dancing in the flames. She is. I don't know anyone more embody than she is..

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