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There's still a long way to go in this fall semester. I'm Mitchell Hartmann for Marketplace. So Mitchell was talking mostly about undergraduates and how the pandemic is changing that experience. Postgraduate education in this Corona virus economy, though, is no picnic, either. Dozens of PhD programs across the country are saying they are not going to be admitting any new students for the next academic year. That is the one that starts in 2021. Marketplaces, Eric Embarrass reports. It is a temporary pause that could have some long term effects. Colleges and universities have a lot of additional cost these days. Personal protective equipment, remote learning infrastructure coded 19 tests and with fewer students on campus. They have less money coming in. So, says Carla Hickman with a B, an education consulting company. Schools are making sure they can fill their commitment financially to the students have already matriculated one way they could do that is by not admitting new students. Princeton sociologist Dalton Conley says that's the decision his department made in regards to PhD students. It made more sense to suspend admissions for one year and have those resource is than to be killed by 1000 little cuts. But students from poor backgrounds may not be ableto wait for schools to restart admissions so they'll pursue other careers. Suzanne Ortega, with the Council of Graduate School, says. That's bad for diversity. We're disrupting the flow. Summon more diverse undergraduate student pipeline to a less diverse graduate student pipeline. Even undergraduates are likely to feel the effects says Gwen told her with the National Association of Graduate Professional students, especially at big State universities, where the graduate students do the majority or close to the majority of the instruction of the undergrads. This might make it very challenging to continue to provide this inequality of education. But this pause could also give graduate programs time to change, Princeton sociologist Dalton Conley says with field research suspended We have to rethink. We have to develop courses and a curriculum in, for example, virtual tomography, And that, too,.

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