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James Christopher Ben Horowitz. Continues to play just the worst music imaginable here. So if you drive off the road because of James, I apologize, but thanks for keeping a lot here on CBS sports radio. I thought you guys are star when be kicked when he's a guest on his own show. And that's what we have here right now as Gelb is here on this Gelb show with me morass hosting for gal. Do I get paid for this? By the way, you're gonna talk to turn off about that. So that's. Coming up next with Robin Lundberg. So you actually me on Twitter earlier because you woke up first thing, you heard was that caller before comparing to David Letterman, and do you do, you know, what the context behind this whole thing was something about a liner something, I'm assuming all right? So Zack which by the way. Let me just say. Okay. I can't believe by the way. All right that it's finally week seventeen the National Football League. Don't tell me you're one of those guys, please. I may have said that once or twice before. And then also this'll be. In two thousand eighteen that you'll be filling in for me as well. Yeah, he see he sitting all those things that irk me. You know, what I'm talking about those people the last time for this is the last cell field bathroom last Southfield do here. It's ridiculous. Exactly. Last time. I got to hear James is awful rejoinders in the new year, which is grenade. You see what I work with dopes while Benz, not as much a dope. It's follow. And then when you change for a Brian McKean. It's really you're not getting the cream and a crowd, by the way, I came to your defense the other night, right? Mckeon was attacking you left and right, which I don't understand so Brian McKean for those of you who probably don't care here. On college football Sally is a backup producer Fillon host or not a fill in host Phil in producer. And I treat the kid like cold and every time turn around your tweeden about him knocking me, I don't understand was Kelaniya. And here's my thing. If you a short person like mckeon, you're not allowed to go. Make a big joke to someone like yourself. While gets to me a little man problem big on big crime. I just don't do it look me, and you can defend the big is mean you can get into jello. Wrestling match people would watch people might throw up, but people would watch would be. Anyway is anyway, this is your show. It's been awesome to fill in for you. I consider. No, I've had a great time. Great data beyond you know. What is it called full playoffs? Three weeks seventy in the NFL, but GRA simple history this liner before. And just play it. He's glad you're still here. I know back to the guilt show. What are we doing? You're glad he's still here. Right. The liners. Shop and do the show. All right. Well, here's the big. So now you've been doing this show for about a year. Yeah. Correct. I can't believe by the way, it's been a year. Almost this guy. This guy you for two thousand eighteen promise me this. Okay. Go for nineteen right? What year are we we're in two thousand and I can't believe it's the end. It's thousand eight two thousand nineteen is coming which is white some miners get to make the show your own. I just noticed from work with DA not any of our liners or anything like somebody else's rape for us. It's something that DA probably or me is come up with our two things. First time I've ever tried to compose a liner here. I send it to Ben doing Sunday stocks, and Ben he wrote this whole you can't wear this can't wear it that way. So I said, you know, what I'm not dealing with Ben because it's like going to the dentist number two. I asked these guys to do some show clips coming back from break. Christopher went on about a nice month in a row string of show liners on the show. And then they gotta lazy and I understand why. Wow. The reasoning. Got a little lazy is because his football team is so miserable. He just shuts down with everything else. Interesting. So Ben shooting down you're writing for new liners and GRA Sappho. Just not one of them together. Okay. So I guess my cat point counterpoint here. Obviously, there's some dissension in the Zach Gelb locker room here that seems very clear to me as an outsider seems like a locker room problem. I don't know if there's no doubt Beckham here to fix it. But I would just tell you sack. Look just writing me so Ben's approve who cares. What he thinks. He's busy about shopping ShopRite stock could show he needs it. No, he doesn't. Poorly written. I love Zack which liner the Sunday Star. That was terrible. No was what was terrible about it. Doc is dooming and whose stock is. Cheesy cheesy disagree? So hold on. So voice guy. Bill. Clearly, you wrote it. I don't think on Ben. I just want to reiterate. So they start are. Yes. Stock up stock down. So basically, you've got to do something like this. It's time for jobs Sunday stocks who stocks are booming, and who stocks are dooming. Well, hold on when Ben once for NFL picks ahead. Ben do a voiceover on the spot, and it was brutal. And now he's telling me how to write the spots. Wow. On here. Now timeout whose name is on the show. The look he he could do it. My job is to make sure it sounds good. And I couldn't in good faith book. Can I tell you something? Now, I might come to the with an idea, and he might come to me with an idea over, although you how many liners the plays on the show that I have never even seen before they get passed and they get played. So I I understand what you're trying to do. You're trying to do right by your producer. But at this is the two knuckleheads working with. I think you just gotta take the bull by the horns Benjamin. No one's friend two thousand nineteen shirt story. Mccain of a line or two thousand nine that basically says Gelb I can't believe you're still listening to me CBS sports radio because that's what that sounds like what I get into the car, by the way. Well, I think it was three thirty five in the morning, and I hear some caller calling in. And he goes, oh, yeah. Dave Letterman, and Jay Leno, and you go with all due respect. No, you're not. No, you're not you're right. I'm better. Well, that's some confidence. I can tell you Dave Letterman's writers better than the to schlep sugars back there. That's for. Sure. What do you got coming up in for lumber? What are we doing with everything you just said? Better in a little more wide awake out more personally coming on. Boy, I gotta tell you. You're not a fan. So Mark herzlich to me. You might be great speaker, find guests. I'm in New York giant fan odyssey. Markers was a special team giant markers? Like to me is the most hated giant have had a ballistic eight really Mark hers. Looks just stuck around the bed penny with the giants and was so bad for so long, and yet somehow appeared on that fifty three man roster every year, in fact, for many jive, this isn't just a me thing. There was no more celebrated preseason moved. And when they broke camp and markers like wasn't on the roster. So you would have put them in the giants hall of fame ring of honor of other nothing like that. Now that being said had been came to meet tonight and said, hey, I got more con you'd be so giddy. Hey, more great big fan. How you doing? Rashad Evans of the titans calling it. Okay. And then Mike Johnson, the former Alabama offensive line gotta covered all week seventeen cultural..

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