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Gofundme page because to him he's raised over fifty seven thousand dollars but even he feels like there's something wrong with the situation there is another gulf on me account called give my son a good christmas which was allegedly run by the mother herself that has now since been deleted it was never confirmed to being run by the kids mother but it was attached were connected to where people work connecting it to her now that's been deleted uh again she's facing backlash over the facebook page with photos of the confederate flag of these other you know post's about buttered americans and out of the whole thing is just striking me as a little bit odd i i got to the studio today kevin west pulled me aside he said hey you know i i know you you had heard the big news is that the valls the tennessee valls were going to be going to the kids middle school to pay a visit to keep jones they're not actually doing that now i said interesting really why is that and he said well they just announced today that they're not going to be doing it but they they will be inviting the kid to come to kneel and stadium some time later in the year and i said to kevin i said well i have a feeling that might have something to do with the fact that a lot of people are now just starting to call this a big scam and there's a lot of people out there who aren't very comfortable with it now uh dakota can we bring up let's bring up joe schilling the audio clip of joe schilling this guy he's a mix martial arts fighter you know like a ufc fighter and he's based out of loss angeles and he two had seen the video reached out to the family felt very bad about the young boy being bullied in eastern esye said you know i was going to invite the kid out to los angeles i wanted to show him a really good time out here and introduce some two to all the fighters and you know we could go to a fight and we can go to some of vents together and he said i just decided to back out because just something doesn't seem right i feel pretty stupid or now people ira i was.

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