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Like if you leaves dollar bills in the middle of your thing, you know you pay for tolls. Yeah, with changing their again, a break singles and they're gonna break your window. They're gonna break you window four in the morning, four buckets. And now you gotta pay one hundred now you just pay one hundred fifty. This when I go into a place, I look at the security of the place. And I look at the people I asked if I go to the bathroom, I love the people that you go to the bathroom. You have to walk through a bedroom, jewelry box, right? You're going down. You're going, I'm going to get the case of the ships and still one of your wedding. I mean, it was just dumped like when people have parties, I would rob parties all the time. Like people will say, oh yes, apart defined the mine, he's party and Taina fly. That's the first place as you were. And next thing. You're on the second floor under the bed. With the little girls fucking pony Bank in. Thank shit. It's fucking Barras in dog. It's a barrister crazy shit. I've done some of breaking his house so much that they would leave me notes. Fuck you. Wipe your feet as I would rob him once every ninety days for like two years. Oh shit. I robbed them once every ninety days drug Beal on the Doc door. on the door and everything they could. I would just rob just to let them know that was stupid. Just let him know the stupid. They had it back window like an open like nothing and nothing pisses me off more than when I rob and I come back and you start fixing. I will rob you again just out of principle. I rob that fucking apartment. It was fucking gay doing so drugs. And I knew he had to work like I knew him to another gay guy. I knew he. I would rob him certain hours tan like the first replaces I robbed. The first time he left money and like a jar in his. Dressers dresser. Oh, I just took my hands than it was four hundred fifty dollars. That's why they morning hopes a coke. So my all my God and that waited late ninety days. You never cues me and I went back again this time he hit his love his room, and I rob that one. Then I went back six months later tonight. Rob Mcgann for something else for coke again and then have waited. I robbed him again and I went to the first two spots and both of them had notes like, fuck you as all. Years later, like, why don't you leave him a note back again. That type of timely. Let's say he's a stenographer fucked up those b. I do. I do some creepy shit. Do that. Just pissed me. Oh, I told the story is war and to Colorado, you know, those mother fuckers. Everytime you cook in your about the ring your door about and like, man, I was his name was Ken. He was from Intel telemarketer. Now he was just the white dude that would he lived upstairs. He wanted to talk and eat right above me, but he always knew would cooking. You know, he's not gonna help. I didn't interrupt nothing. Show guy, maybe fucking man, go, you wanna send them. They share, you know he You was. know, he was goofy dues at wrote a bike with a helmet on to the eighties ship. So you know, we spoke by them and shit, and he was like an artist type do the time. He's way older than me if I was eighteen. Yeah, it'd be like twenty five, but he live right above me. I lived on the first floor and he was right above you on the second floor. Yeah, we became friends like like four months. You come over at night, smoke with us. A lot of people that any rob you gates only piss me off on this mother sent the money. He came brag the by my go, you know, just like the timeless story. Once you go to six bragging? Yeah, I'm over drinking with us. You hear every night smoking up on the food. He's got a hold onto this money is this guy last night and that night he went out to a bar and Aspen, like on the way out he can't. I was watching TV and I've money at the time that millionaire money and I was begging like ten bucks an hour. The rent was paid eight hundred by watching.

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