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High welcomed. The sci-fi to Constantine city of Demons is an animated movie once again with Matt Ryan is a famous comic demon. Hunter Your Comic Con. I have audio from the roundings. Now Matt Ryan Wasn't there. He was actually shooting legends tomorrow which he is now. A regular is constantly but from the tables of Justice League Dark. He comments on plane constantly. I mean look I like I love the car to so much and I understood that I felt that that was so there is so much more to explore with had but with an assault with a character like this know. I just feel lucky enough to have got to play to play him. You know who have goes on to play him you know. We'll be very lucky to show. I don't think you can kind of take ownership of such a character like that. You know what I mean. It's like it's like Batman you caught in that way so many different people play him but I certainly like kind of throughout my journey with him. Fallen in love with the love and hate relationship as you can imagine kind of Yeah and just kind of get to play him again and put on the kind of you know the metaphorical trenchcoat where those boost but I was thinking about taking in a trench coat with me too. Wet under the. Yeah no great to just exploded got mine and I feel lucky and blessed to kind of to to you know had a chance to to play running. I is character designer. Par Excellence Phil Barrage about the look for. Constantine for this animated feature dot characters so well described from the get-go with His original look you know and it's not something that needs to be updated. Its archetype or like you know sort of charming roguish disheveled rogue character. Some things you know you don't if it ain't broke kind of thing so he he's always been he's one of those characters were it's it's almost a one from what is on a comic book page Which is why. I think you know with Matt Ryan's portrayal in the live action stuff. I mean they nailed it And so I didn't feel like I needed to take any liberties or any particular creative license. I you know I've used part of. My job is taking the work of other creators other artists and interpreting it or updating it for You know different context or different narrative. And that's fun and I enjoy that but I also I don't do it just for the sake of doing it. Always do it with a purpose and with this characters. There's no need here. He is on the visual style for. Constantine just a matter of the guys that did the TV show the guy that didn't live action. They looked at all the source material that I would look at for a and they felt imagine they felt the same way. Like this totally is some stuff in comics is. There's a there's a range some stuff doesn't work for live action right and you know you have to. You have to take liberties to put it into a new medium but this is a duty and a trench coat. You know what I mean. So it's like you don't have to change that you know if you were if you were to set him in a different time period or something like that but it's kind of a classic like you know look so does it. It's something that's you know. Been seemed contemporary. Whether it's from now or thirty years ago when the character was created. And you could there's such a new ish aspect to it it could even be from fifty years before that Or in the future like bladerunner but I guess later on the original bladerunner it'll be like now or whatever anyway But Yeah it's it's you know I didn't so I don't try to do a one-to-one unless I have to like A. Let's say an actor right like I didn't look like I had matt set photos but I wasn't trying to draw his face per se. You know what I mean and In in fact when we introduce the character in Justice League dark it wasn't necessarily part of that. Cw Universe So then but then it was just he was. He was our voice talent and he was doing so we it just made total sense to keep it consistent. Yes Fun man. It's fun to draw that character and characters like that because I do a lot of Capes entites and I think it's fun to do characters that are more grounded in their surface presentation but then we can explore the fantastic because the world lends itself to that and when we originally did Justice League dark I drew him with a Cigarette. Now and then but then because it was initially. Pg thirteen they made us take the cigarette And get rid of any kind of like smoking related component but then we finally got the R. Rating. He comments on working on those monster stylistically. I don't think they're necessarily needs to be pushed. Because he's a character that needs to look like a real person where you push in the monsters demons the fantastic components and then if you contrast that and balance it against like grounded believable normal then you have a dynamic range if everything is pushed like if the look of is pushed then you got nowhere to go with the monsters you know what I mean. You got nowhere to go with the supernatural. So you need the anchor for the audience to like frame in a row. The stakes are higher. And you believe that you know what I mean. So I don't feel I feel like the style that I was doing for the other stuff. It has a range like I can push fantastic characters and keep the normal the like regular human types albeit magical. But you know there's nothing about his. Our appearance should say that now. Is there a reference going for these monsters? It's absolutely more fun working on the monsters. Because there's there's less restrictions but it requires more disciplined to do stuff. That's believable like. I always tell young artists. Anybody can draw a robot or an injury but if you can make a bus driver interesting then you're really good you know what I mean And so to me. It's like if I didn't have the discipline or if I didn't realize like that that's how I earned my monster points. You know what I'm saying like I gotTa Make John Real. I gotTa Make Clark Kent Real. I gotTa make all these like sort of the grounded. Aspect of the world has to be believable and and it has to be compelling you know great artists can take something incredibly mundane and and it'll be the most amazing thing you've ever seen like you know you think about like. I LIKE ALEX. Toth or job you some Could draw dude sitting in a chair. Smoking a cigarette. And it's the best thing that you've ever seen anybody can draw like the fantastic stuff. So how far could you push them? Irs Sky's the limit. Yeah you can do anything you know. Tentacles is you know Demonic relations push. It's part of the reason why villains are more fun to work on in some ways than heroes it but it's fun isn't the right word. It's just requires more disciplined to do the other thing which is always like the the it causes you to work harder but if you got you know villains can be so many varied silhouettes and you know what I mean there. There's no limit to your imagination about because they can be anything. There's no wrong way. I'm trying to remember back when we first created the model back. It's been a while but it was just about trying to create the most nightmarish. You know ghastly you. Sort of look like almost love. Crafty in you know adding elements like I think we. We just had crazy components that we We almost created a little vocabulary like there was a dude with like a monster with an open mouth and he had like a brain inside the mouth. You know what I mean. It was weird. We're just trying to go weird with it. You know and and not necessarily always like something that no one seemed before but if you just go for some of the more darker components of what might be in your subconscious. You're gonNA find something but yeah. There wasn't a specific direction unless it was based on a specific cultural reference. Like we have like you know certain ghosts or entities that are from certain specific cultures and then in those cases. Then you look at that image credit your I. I recently saw Superman shoop. Yeah and you're doomed. Jay was thank you. Thanks so much. That was one. I'd say one of the top five told him yeah. I came together Nice. That Third Act was bananas. Oh my God yeah. The fight was out of control. Wow Yeah.

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