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We have a lot in comedy one that we both won the autumn it fighter we both had upsets i mean you know i wanna see what's next forum he does great doing what we're doing here he has a podcast believe you me he does that with louis j gomez jayco base not louis ck fuck i knew there was initially i know louis gomez louis j gomez louis j go bang but they got a good thing going you got a good chemistry kind of like a huge amy english to my using back on your gang gang me i was testing you if you would have done that we would've kicked you to fucking i don't sing with me that i wrote down about this being as he retired sure he retires with the second most octagon time and ufc history six hours five minutes and thirty three seconds try to seek friendship behind frankie six hours forty seven minutes thirty at thirty three seconds he has the most bouts with twenty four wins with sixteen and strikes landed one thousand three hundred fifty in ufc middleweight history and he's also tied with jim miller for the most thousand ufc history period twenty nine and he's tied with gsp and cowboy surani for the most wins with twenty so yes he'll legend about the wiedeman applause was he should say when you think about those kind of i mean if you if you envisioned your career in the in in any endeavour you would want those kind of results that's that's something you can really talk about with pride he's for everybody i win lose draw and he's he's never shied the for me you never shied away from anything so i give him props champion has going for him now is the fact that he's doing these doing the acting a lot yeah i know eating joys that and then he's also like i said he doing that podcast and he has another radio show over at serious with louis j gomez.

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