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Four the wrap up show rolls on on xtra thirteen sixty. Here's John Schaefer and Jim Russell. Retry Chatila Peralta going back Danny links back at it talkers. RUN WHAT IS The second run clear the basis of. Up to. Three. Read the second is clear double on the night. Who has striven six padres run. Incredible night for Eric Hosmer. The padres over the diamondbacks, odd opening night by score of seven to two Ha's Mer ties his career high with six RBI's. It's the most. Ever by Padre at opening day, Haase Type Bill Terry from one thousand, nine, hundred, twenty seven, new. York giants team is the only first baseman to drive in six runs in the history of Major League baseball on opening that good. It's pretty good. It's pretty good John. Shaffer Jim Russell a couple of things here. If you haven't follow us on twitter at John Shaffer, J. O.. N. S. C. H. A. E. F. F. E. R. at Jim Russell Sd if you take a look at either of our feeds. You're going to see a t shirt that we're giving away right now. That says big cake on it in honor Fernando Tat saying that yesterday about the hopes and aspirations. Aspirations for this team? Why not win at all? He called the world series trophy the big cake. We're going to give it away. If you know the play of the night, we played it earlier caller five right now. You're winning a free t shirt from US here. Extra thirteen, sixty, eight, four, four, five, seven, thirteen, sixty, caller, five, eight, four, four, five seven. Six eight, there is I. Think we're GONNA aim for the big gate. Take a look at the t shirt on our twitter feeds at John Shaffer at Jim Russell. Eight, four, four, five seven. Oh, thirteen sixty. All right. We see the lines leading up for that right now. As that happens right now, I want to take a look around the major league scoreboard in the NFL West here tonight. We mentioned it was Scott Miller from bleacher report. The dodgers moved to it all with another convincing victory yesterday, or excuse me tonight over the giants by score of nine to one, and they do so behind Ross, stripling who seven.

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