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Maybe but like if i knew that this term was here in the middle of the offseason no chance right like no because in. It's not because of the money. It has nothing. The money has everything to do with performing your best. Yes it's hard to turn down the money but eventually you become numb to it because chasing the money you'll never make it. You're only trying to perform your best in order to perform your bass. You oftentimes have to take weeks off what you're passing up opportunities that the answer. I was looking for right there. Of like 'cause i always i'm amazed at the dudes that have made forty to fifty million dollars out on tour. That will when there's a weird tournament that's putting up of ton of money to go play. They'll still go play it right once. You've already made a ton of money. Then i i don't know i guess i'm surprised how often money is a motivating factor so it's refreshing. To hear you say that that that's like a byproduct of the gulf more than it is like you're playing for. Yeah i mean it's it's you're rewarded for indefinitely. They're like of course who doesn't want to have all the stuff like that's that's the united states in a whole like right right. I was curious if that answer would change if it was a three million dollars for seven million. Oh yeah i'm not gonna make you're going to make the most money simply by performing your best in so whenever you do to perform your best. That is what will determine how much money you make. And sometimes if that money things starts trying to tell your scales a little bit you have to remember that the performance is way more important in the more you perform the more money you make so when you win the honda and twenty nineteen. If i were if i was to ask you to rank how these things shake out the biggest priorities that come with winning a tournament even masters exemption you have two years of job security you have one point whatever million dollars that is and you get like category of times. Basically kind of what. I'm guessing that's not leading the cat. But that's the those are some of the things that come with a win. Correct to your job to your job. No doubt well so if you like. Let's let's just say those four things like you have to power rank them one. That's one which is now. this is remember. I'm i've only been on tour for like of course sixteen months right like i. I'm fighting for my job every week that week. Right that's now win number four or five or seven for is it our top fifteen world. I'm it's completely different. But for me in that moment keith mitchell one job security to definitely be the money three would be the masters in four would be the t- times in the reason. The only reason. I said three the masters. The money is in that moment when i won. You feel like you're going to play the masters every year. The rest your life like if i never play another master's again which i hope to god does not the case. I will change that answer with you on the show and you'll hear it but like that's that was in that moment in time right and so that that's kind of where i stand is like you as a professional golfer. You your dream always playing the masters right once you plant it once. Okay now i to win right. Yeah so okay so i've never asked this question. I kinda came up with it. And i actually. I love the question. It's completely hypothetical of course and not realistic. But how much would you pay in cash. four a master. This is all about money. This conversation's mellow is trying to get to. How rank all this how. It works for professional. But how much would you pay for a masters exemption if you could buy your way in both that'd be worth to you. It's like me right now. Like you can play in the two thousand twenty one masters. I mean if. I said it was it would cost you two hundred grand would you. Would you do it no. I would do it on the on the monday of if i hadn't got into all right. Okay let's go. we're monday. Monday of masters you're not in not in the cell. You know no no. I don't know. I i honestly. I don't think i could now that i'm thinking about. I don't think i could do it like i. Just i just feel dirty. Well yeah quest question. I'll do it for idea for a hundred grand. That's obvious that actually was like hey like you're listening to this like do that. Course it's not an actual. That's what they call hypothetical. But like that's i think that's an interesting question of gwen in such a personal like worse is individual not personal individual question because tigers in the master's arrest live. Why would pay zero dollars. You know a guy that's never in the masters and you know this is your chance. And he has no money. he can't afford it. I dunno dollar billion. who knows. it's it's very terrible question. That's a great question asked to everyone. Should use it asset to everyone just so you can get good responses because i know that this is what it's about but as somebody you're asking to let's look guys drinking out of my master's service like cheating Well let's go to you winning. We're not about the money that comes with the un honda. because i've been beating you with money. jets besides that. Maybe a bit too much. But it's interesting. I think if somebody was to meet you or would if they had opportunities sit down and ask. Pg players questions that would be along the line. what. I don't disagree okay. I'm giving you a hard all right. So i want to go to the honda. You've not one Your what was your most recent win. Prior to that. I think it was a jeep pro when.

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