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That he d you the forecast fan bleeping tastic sunny and eighty four today sixty the two overnight sunny and eighty tomorrow that's with little or no humidity it's a lovely sixty five right now information please mytalk dirt alert update a quick look at what's happening in entertainment i'm on my top guys bruce willis grin and bear it during saturday night's rose but he was unprepared for the surprise guest of the evening his ex wife to me more yeah so bruce bill is if you don't know he was skewered by comedy central and he did not know that to me was going to be there she did not disappoint one of her best lines was i look at our marriage like the six cents you were dead the whole time no her kids their kids approved they were married from eighty seven to two thousand they have three kids brumer to lula and scout and all of them were cackling in the audience they absolutely love that line i wonder if they helped her write some of that oh that would be so fun yes civil shepherd also showed up she's co starred with bruce and his breakout role moonlighting and she also took her shots at him cool okay kate upton will not be sidelined from modeling during her pregnancy at least not if tommy hilfiger has his way she announced on friday that she is pregnant with her husband justin verlander they're going to have a baby and tommy hilfiger is like hey i want you as a pregnant model we are businesses all about inclusiveness and diversity and not just about ninety pound models she wants to she has a gig with tommy hilfiger perfect empire waisted dresses and holman line sponsored or at least inspired by her yes all right the estranged husband of long island medium star theresa caputo larry he apparently has a thing for platinum blonde's because he's got another one by his side he was spotted shopping with a mystery woman at the bargain hunt in decatur alabama saturday picking up some essentials and checking out their furniture selection larry i mean alabama well they've been married he was married to teresa for twenty eight years so i guess he's moving on with this other woman and they're shopping for furniture because it wasn't like a platonic like it could be a sister i mean she has her hand on his lower waste and they were clearly a couple okay some people just like to be married and i think i would take a break maybe he's not going to be married but just moving in i don't know but they were shopping for furniture together okay on tv tonight we.

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