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If you had a much more pro growth philosophy in california illinois and new york the state of texas would say oh doggone it now we've got competition they'd be happy because if your economic growth is booming than our economic growth booms even more well i mean i want all the states to thrive i want them to to be their greatest potential and i just despise the idea of a massive cost of government like what you have in those states which basically forces people to make decisions on a personal level i've talked to a friend of mine who lives out in la and he said it's just so difficult because i asked him i just said point blank i said what is it like you know to live there he said it's hard because if you're not one of the elite if you're not one of the millionaires if you're just you know working class it becomes extremely expensive very quickly and doesn't ever go away it only gets worse and that cost of government is what is driving all of that unnecessarily i i can't imagine the massive wealth expansion we would see in a reversal like that no states i mean it it really would be off the charts but that's not how people vote for whatever reason well i think it's what we've always gone back to i was talking to a friend this weekend and i mentioned well i said the kevin kennedy goes yeah i've heard it and i said oh you've heard you've heard us talk about kevin kennon the show and this was in in two thousand twelve when now the day before the election we said look if obama wins one of the reasons will be evident ken vote and we found out after that election that the majority of people.

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