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It's just nice to be part of the company. That's trying to make this experience of owning a dog and having a pet just be easier so more fulfilling more people can do it and i just. I just really enjoyed being part of that. You know as someone who owns a dog and we have an office dog obviously obviously that we mentioned as well shot toasty and i and i watched host the relatively often there is so much like you know talk about customer pinpoints. There's so much pain around opportunities were dog owners feel like they can't do something right or they feel guilty about being late or going away for the weekend or those type of things that you kind of get that hamstrung effect. It seems like it's really valuable place to be a marketer because they're such like an obvious this like love for the animal but you also have this guilt side of things which it kinda sucks sometimes exactly we try to not do guilt marketing but you know i it can work pretty well. L. and there's almost this no pet parents have this realization this feeling of guilt but they don't necessarily say wait. I can actually solve that by kind of using accompany like wag to do it. They sort of feel bad and come home early and have their dogs not having optimal life whereas just making sure people understand. Hey there are options out there. They're not expensive. They're easy to use why not do that. Yeah and i think the thing that is really cool about the business for me as someone who is a dog owner her that it's just in time and scheduled right and or right and i think that a lot of the times you as a pet owner just things come come up right. It's the same you know same thing as any anything in life is like you have yet to work later. You have to do this or something or horrible traffic accident the fact that you can then and you know take action on that immediately whereas in the past you're like oh. Can i call my mom is she works. She add all she stuck in traffic like all those different things that come into play yeah exactly and and it's even you know what we see from more and more of our pet parents is. They don't use us when they need to the u._s. when they'd like to so yeah maybe your dog doesn't need to take a walk. If you're gonna be out you know you won't be home till seven but why not you know it's better for your dog to get more exercise. They have a better day and they probably have a new fund friend to play with. So do you feel like for those of you listening. You may not know this but it is one of the questions on our questionnaire or when you come to work for the company of is it okay if you walk the office dog. That's real thing. Some people don't wanna walk the dog. That's fine but shout out to catherine or customer. Success manager always always ends up walking naito. Stay nice <hes> this type of market place where there is you know this huge explosion asian of the gig economy. There's huge explosion of people who can figure out to make money in new ways especially doing something like walking dog which is really fun and you have breath millions and millions of americans who who owned dogs sixty million households. If you're counting yeah there you go. Tell me a little bit more about like what it's like marketing this marketplace in particular and some of the things that are really exciting. I think <hes> there's a few things that make wag as a marketplace business a a little different. The first one i would say is that the dog walkers really love their job..

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