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Will mean more safety and security for our kids some of it i disagree with it most of it i i agree with like in florida they moved the the age to buy a rifle from eighteen to twenty one that's gonna go through the court system now and i think that it will probably be found to be unconstitutional but his injury says that's not really that important which important is that we allow for school resource officers you know other than just the sheriff's officer like the one who didn't go into the school and stop the shooting for four whole minutes other people like those teachers who died might have been able to be armed that's gonna change everything make sure that the entrances and exits are secured making sure that you've got an armed guard at the entrance where people have to come in to and maybe even a magnetometer and every school whatever it's gonna take let's do it but this whole game about the second amendment and so on is ridiculous by the way the clear backpacks rule was put out there and david hog this guy who's just an absolutely foul mouth kid in fact you can go to my facebook or my twitter scroll down a little bit yeah i posted the entire video he's being interviewed by somebody in somebody's kitchen and just f every other word he's foul mouthed and he seems to be clueless he's angry at the clear backpacks because he's he says it's a violation of the first amendment what no it's not now it could you could make a fourth amendment argument that the government can't you know surveilled me or or search through my stuff or see my stuff without probable cause or a warrant i mean maybe he should study the constitution more so here's a guy who along with emma gonzales and delaney tar and cameron caskey these gun control activists that have been co opted by the far left they have a problem with somebody allegedly violates the first amendment as they're out there pushing to get rid of the second amendment just to that we understand the mentality of the teenagers that are involved here and again the far left adults love it they're eating it up because now they have a.

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