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We got our own dream on. Green sure dream on. Green wrote that. Well, I mean it gives you an idea of the kind of That's to be. gonna be he's not going to be as good as Draymond green. I think those a couple years ago when they were coming out with, who was the draft analyst, who was always coming up with the cops. I think it was. Was it Sean farnum Dolittle bit of it wasn't Jay Williams with Chauncey? Maybe it was Cianci Cianci. Who is like every player was whatever. Well, you know what? And then there was like one or two guys that it was like he actually is more like Steve, Blake. But here's but here's the thing, it does give you an idea of the type of player. It doesn't mean there is good. Yeah, but you say compares favourably compared favourably Draymond green. The way I read that is, we've got a guy just like Draymond green. Sure, also second round draft pick. Also coach client now now, but Draymond was the second round pick thirty eighth right? Memorize every single player who's taking a head of him. Is that right? Yep. Still tell you who was taken to spots ahead of various chip on the shoulder. Serious chip. Good for him. My favorite that kind of stuff drives you. Yeah. Of course, it does should definitely should he's gonna love that hefty playmakers fiction that's going, right? That'd be right in my Twitter. Hey, by the way, we. We asked for him Greg. We did. We're not going anything back next week. Okay. Shots fired. Nothing til next week. Gotta love that purple and gold. It. You know, I think what's become very awkward for. Everyone involved is when you have a trade that is agreed upon or talked about excetera before the draft like the Lakers officially took de'andre hunter yesterday direct. What had did they give him? Yeah. No. It's weird wasn't going. He wasn't going to New Orleans. And he was going to Atlanta, but you can't talk about or announcing, like I sort of feel like the league's got to do something with this. It just doesn't make any sense. I it's just it's just not. What always Orleans Miami? I'm sorry. L I New Orleans. Atlanta sounds like connecting plates. Really like you're going through. That's your flying. Delta. Exactly. All right. Coming up, I want to ask you again. T. H T is a clutch client. Yes. Clutch with a K. Yes, clutch with the K, I want to ask you about the Momo you can speak to this. The overall you know, how much is clutch, sort of running the Lakers matched, as clench have them in their clutches. There you go. That's the question. That's the question about the purple and gold front office. It's okay. I gotta get answer for you'll Mason, Ireland Momo's here OJ Jackson's junior here. ESPN LA..

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