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With liberty and hit Wilmington to get around that fairly easily J. so they're hard on newsradio seven hundred WLW its name is at the lectern in Austin when failed the third for the nine first warning weather center good morning Sir how are you good morning I'm doing well you know it's a another mile day with temperatures back in the forties if you like yesterday's weather today is a pretty much identical well that sounds fantastic but the what the weekends not liable that nicely fours now is no this we can is not going to be the the best a weekend Saturday is going to be on again off again rain showers in fact that rain will arrive after dinner time tonight so Saturday is going to be soggy and then Sunday will be cold and cloudy for most of the day with temperatures in the thirties after dinner time on Sunday we could see some snow showers eventually transitioning more over to a rain showers for Monday so not the best route for cans down there at least for some outdoor activities what's Monday's I'd lose it looks to be in the forties out there so not really not the coldest day by any means Wells Fargo to be snowbirds in the forties as the done sure exactly I think it's gonna be a transitioning over to rain throughout the throughout the day all right it is it was gonna gray and gloomy I'll be fantastic typical Ohio whether it would be more gloom all right we'll touch base later on this morning I thank you six twelfths of a hundred WLW temps thirty eight right now the bull elk Spiegel one of nature's most wondrous songs that is knowledgeable well complex Kim her or the sewage tank is spilling all over her camper way way out in the middle of the country yeah there's an elk and that's Kim it's one of the there when it gets to what a progressive as you already covered well today a progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates this is it your last chance to get a great holiday gift this decade but time is ticking luckily for you dial in Intel have assailed and two thousand nineteen on a high note and pick up the new decade in style score new deals every week day and save big on computers that redefined what's possible with tension Intel core processors there's also deals an amazing selection of the best lebron experience all with free shipping if you get moving today you can get great gifts under the tree in time call eight hundred by dell that's eight hundred by dell or visit dell dot com slash holiday remember to look for Intel Patrick was way behind on his IRS taxes I was in way over my head the total amount ended up being some more well just over thirty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars then the IRS came to collect started getting letter.

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