Oregon Palos Verdes, Brooklyn, Mikey Garcia discussed on Big Brown Breakdown - Episode 35: Paulie Malignaggi


The the oregon palos verdes red thing in aren't saying it's a light but you don't just go you'll have all my god power that mean you'll hit hard enough to get respect a new honoring the soft me conner talked enough to get respect for the latter belania cleanly wearing though small gloves and they'll get a respect plus one 100 percent uh bullets blitz move onto the reason why you're in fruit in brooklyn and while you're flying all over the places to me one of the greatest fights especially of this year in boxing mikey garcia versa your boy brunner and use you fought brunner is is he is he loves the this the story of this whole fight the they're so different it's i'm funny and if you if you if the listeners if you haven't looked into mike darcy whose ridiculous with malta time world champion and then osce brunner adrian brunner they come from completely different worlds yacht mikey garcia was going to go into law enforcement he has is crazy pedigree the up browner who you know run from law enforcement doesn't come from crazy pedigree and then you've got these dynamic personalities one guys humble one guy super outlandish to me it's such a interesting fight in i'm nervous already for the fight appalling i'm nervous because there's so much on the line for both guys for my he took two and a half years off right and he's coming up in weight class the up brunner where he is really only lost two major fights and if he loses this one where does he go the in mikey need this window validate what he's been doing pronin needs fight on his resume it stresses me out man.

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