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Gold birds. You know, Haley or ranch to and she's joining you Now I've had a run before, too, by the way, And last time I had her all night Easter about her love of boxed wine, even wrote a song about it. She stars as Erica on the TV hit show the Goldbergs now starting its eighth season. Haley, Arancha. Thanks for joining us this morning. Have you had any good boxed wine lately? You know, it's actually been a while. I've been drinking from bottle. Yeah, I have to. Because that I don't drink as much truth. Exactly. True confessions. Vicky tell us about the eighth season of the Goldbergs. The kids are about to leave, or they have left the nest haven't thing Well, so two of us have to some degree. I mean, we can't really go too far away from Beverly Goldberg. But, um, two of US air in college, and my character is now living in her own apartment. And one is still in high school. It's actually Adam senior Year this year, but season eight. Is that a really big one? I feel like for Erica, especially, um And she's even though she's been living on her own. She also has been going to college, and it's finally declared a major and she's gonna be doing pre law. Which is awesome, because, of course we've seen over the last eight years, Severally mentioning how she could have been a lawyer, so I'm kind of in what her mom, but that would have been, um it's been really cool and Can't give anything away. But the end of this season is going to be really big for Erica. I have a hunch that Erica got into law begrudgingly because her mother encouraged it so much. Well, you know, it's actually interesting how she came to terms with, like, Oh, you know what? I definitely could be aware she was trying to declare a major and Brother Barry, who's always decided that he's going to be a doctor. She tried to, like, piggyback off of his idea, his degree and when she realized that didn't work and almost got him kicked out of school, she defended him, which kind of showcase the audience like. Oh, she's really great it defending people and situations and think she cares about so. She's now in pre long well and among the rest of the family. Eric is the one with the ground wire still semi attached. Yes, I feel like Erica plays the middleman and a lot of situations and the family kind of spirals out around her, and I feel like she's kind of the one that they check in with, but don't get me wrong. Erica has her moments where she kind of loses it and has to be directed and guided through whatever she's going through. She has her own knew. Rosie's just like the rest of the family, which I know is is based on the one of the writers Adam Goldberg he he's basically basically videotaped his whole life and is now taking Cues from those videotapes. Exactly. Yeah, it's really to me. That's the most exciting part of the episodes is at the end. You get to see that home video of him as a child, and often times these video clips. Connect to the storyline that you just watched in the show, and it just makes it all that more real. And I think that's why people really resonate with it. We're talking about the eighth season of the Goldbergs and Haley Arancha, who plays Erica. But you are the most different than the reality. That is Adam Goldberg's life. He had a brother. He did not have a sister, a brother named Eric. And so you're you are Erica. Um, Have you met Erik? And is Erica anything like the real Eric? E have met Eric and his lovely family and they're always a pleasure to get to talk to you. They're super nice. Um, and thankfully, Eric was happy to have Adam kind of switch it up and add a sister in the mix. Um, And I think for a long time, Eric was okay with that, because anything that was embarrassing about his life story to just hide behind like, Oh, no, that's Erica. Not Eric. But, um At the same time, Eric There's a lot of things that Erica that are not, um, pertaining to Erik fights, For example, the music aspect that was something that was from my own life that I mentioned to Adama Goldberg that he Very kindly added into the character unexpectedly. Um, so that's a big part of Erica that I feel like Eric did not grow up playing instruments did did Eric become a lawyer? No, he's actually doctor. Okay, just like his just like his real dad. Yeah. Yeah, because the real dad of the Goldberg actually was a doctor. But that Z getting a little deep into the weeds. And I know that fans of the show will know that with Mia's Haley or Auntie, who plays Erica. I also no fans of the show love watching all of the Easter eggs that are hidden in the sets when you all are shooting. Are you aware of those Easter eggs? Or do they pop up as a surprise to you? Just like everybody else. Um, if your or your friends like 19 eighties related thing, or like all of the pictures in the band, and nobody has many pictures on their wall, but evidently, Adam's family did. Oh, yeah. I mean, we've got in. It's interesting. I've never I need to be more in on the Twitter verse of anybody's correct. I've missed out on this. Um, No, we have tons of Photos throughout the house that air mixed in with all of the cast as we've been growing up, as well as some of Adam's real family. It's kind of a mix of everything. So that's interesting there. I wonder if people have picked up on where the photos of Adam Goldberg are versus the cast, but, um First eighties Easter eggs go, There's they're everywhere. You can get a void that well. I also wanted to ask you about your relations with your co star George Segal, who is one of my favorites. Also I want to say was responsible for getting the Smothers Brothers kicked off the air back and like 1968, but we'll get into that and feature it on the later with Leigh Matthews Podcast Hayley, A rancher joins me later with Leigh Matthews. Available at Katie okay dot com and on the I Heart radio happen. It's absolutely free. Armed.

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