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Sheriff's deputy early Wednesday morning Paso Robles would only say the suspect is down there were at least two exchanges of gunfire in the area of highway forty six and Ramada drive where several law enforcement agencies have set up a perimeter the father of the suspect Mason Linares says his son suffers from schizophrenia and Asperger's syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder he's also had previous run ins with police president trump is talking about police reform we have the details coming up after traffic it's five thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five students Fondo there is a secular in Glendale on the one thirty four eastbound just past brand we had a truck catch on fire over an hour ago and crews are still there in the right lane I just check that back up for you and it is slow from about four salon as you make your way over to the scene of that cleaned up again that's one thirty four eastbound just past brand we also had a truck fire intestine today and that's where we find Scott over the fifty five and the southern California Toyota dealer sky five this one is still here to talk about fifty five right about seventy eight before you get to the twenty two that's what the three right lanes remain blocked ticket to progress here but there was a bunch of paper that caught on fire that big break so different about things up here back up starting it right around the four five which gets north of there though it looks good heading up for the ninety one and that that's when we'll find does with the ninety one campaign is about side of the ninety one trying to get out of Orange County the struggle is real get to Friday here jammed from before we were canyon are not as bad as we've seen it go from here highways kind of been the standard lately so maybe a little better than usual fastrak lanes are slowing at least better than the main line but I was like the politics of canyon birch with the ninety one even though that last section is heavy it's way better than the freeway checkup Irwindale private the six oh five six oh five north now lower Zeus are wrapping up a crashing you two left lanes huge delays now north on pretty much solid all the way to pack road that's right recommend if you're looking for an alternate take back roads to take back roads lowers is set up back to the six oh five natural did southbound side just a little slow as you make your way down to the five freeway Denise got a crash on the ten eastbound at Fairplex in Pomona pickup truck in a car and this one they made it out of lanes but traffic is pretty slow on that ten eastbound starting right at the fifty seven thanks report at five forty five AM Ginny's father with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio cooling trend under way more of its though more noticeable for more of us as we go into tomorrow temperatures will drop as we head into the the weekend more.

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