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And our three hundred thirty six radio Phillies around the country. And when I look at the college football rankings. I don't look at the top four. I always say who's going to get screwed. This year is central Florida gonna get screwed again this year because they do have a good schedule and a good schedule. The rest of the year Notre Dame schedule is actually sneaky good. Couple of tough games. I mean, I don't know what US's going to put up. Syracuse is better than advertised here. Florida state might wake up, but I always look at who's going to be out on the outside looking in when it comes to those college football rankings. All right. Well, we'll play of the day stat of the day. Mclovin will have is poll question coming up as well. How your team acts at the trade deadline can send a strong message to your fan base after he traded for golden tape. Beagles GM Howie Roseman said he wants fans to no we're not taking our foot off the gas. Now, some other people looked at this and said man of the eagles, desperate. You don't want your team to mortgage the future for a declining player. But you also want to know if your team is all in or not and if they're not all in. Okay. What is our strategy here? Like if you're alliance fan today. What do you think it? We just traded golden Tate. He averages ninety two catches a year. All right. He's in a contract year. But he's still golden Tate and he's a good wide receiver. Does. He great. No z. Good. Yes. Is he reliable? Yes. Damaris thomas. He's okay. Any might be a good fit for the Texans. You know, the eagles with Tate the Texans with Demaria's Thomas the Redskins. They got ha ha Clinton Dix. The rams. I thought the Rams did. Well, getting a edge rusher in Dante Fowler, each move shows that these teams aren't content with where they are despite having winning records or leading their divisions. No excuses now because now the fun begins can't wait to see if there's an aggressive move that will pay off for one of these t. Teams when the playoff picture begins to take shape across the NFL. And then the Steelers couldn't trade lady on bell. Not that they didn't want to it just they couldn't because he didn't show up but lady on bell is gonna be a spot starter. Share Carey's touches is we like to say with James Connor, and we'll see how the Steelers are able to use U poll question. Mclovin. What are you have for me, by the way, the Premier League mornings clash of top clubs its arsenal? And Mohammed Saleh in Liverpool. That'll be Saturday at one thirty eastern on NBC. Yes. Mclovin. Okay. This kind of a stupid question. But of the five players big players traded yesterday, which one has the most value golden Tate. Damaris Thomas Dante Fowler, junior Clinton Dix. Ty, Montgomery, actually. Is that addition by subtraction with time on Gumri? And you know, paulie brought this up on Monday. You know, do they cut him? Do they trade him? And I thought well, he still has value. But he's not good enough to be a starting running back. They do have a couple of other running backs there. And he's not good enough to be a very good wide receiver. So put himself in limbo. And if Aaron Rodgers doesn't like you chances are you're going to be gone. And that's what happened, you know. Rogers was demonstrably upset with with Montgomery for what happened there with the kickoff in the Rams game. And they probably said do we really need this guy? I mean, the Packers didn't add anybody. I always look at who's going to add, you know, the patriots didn't add anybody. And I said this I had a friend who told me, hey, keep an eye on the patriots. And then all of a sudden, they didn't do anything..

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