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Estate At 5 28 Traffic and weather come on the 8th back to Dave dill dine in the WTO trafficking Into the district on three 95 eastbound on the southeast Southwest freeway ramps reopening traffic released another motorcade has come and gone and it wouldn't be a rainy day in D.C. without at least one wreck on the 11th street bridge ramps but the damage this time is on the side of the ramp the ramp that leads off the freeway to go southbound on I two 95 That's open as well While responding to that crash apparatus involved in a minor crash on suitland Parkway at Alabama avenue outbound on suitland park where you'll find the left side is blocked near Alabama In Maryland on route 50 between the beltway at Apple no delay some road spray here and there And then slow eastbound beyond cape saint Clair to get across the bay bridge and rainy conditions You only get two lanes toward the shore From davidsonville toward crofton on four 24 northbound near rydal road you stay left past the crash rydal can't turn right onto route four 24 toward root three And on the Baltimore Washington park way just slow and stretches between the beltway and fort me 95 Same general deal a little heavy southbound you're 32 and you're two 12 the crash on two 12 at paint branch is clear And heavy and stretches all around the beltway perhaps heaviest in Virginia on the outer loop between 66 and Springfield The broken down truck after Braddock road was crowding the right side of four 95 Ashley home stores super savings mattress event is going on now get up to 25%.

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