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So to be clear. Mr trump has no financial relationships with any russian oligarchs if that's what he said that's what that's obviously with our position is. I'm not aware all any of those activities. I i have been called a surrogate at the time and that campaign and i didn't have not have communications with the russians to get involved with putin have nothing to do with putin had never spoken open to him. I don't know anything about him other than he will respect me russia. If you're listening i hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails emails that are missing so it is political your communist know mr green communism is just a red herring all members of the oldest profession a capitalist hello and welcome to muller she wrote and our ongoing special coverage of the redacted report. I'm your host host a._g. And with me as always are julia johnson though jordan coburn lou. How are you guys. Hey good good well. Yes i just found out that there's dr paul of political science at san francisco state university. I think it's it's s f._s._u. Who has assigned this series to his his students or her shoes. I don't know it seems like a male energy but i don't know wherever you are on the spectrum. There are students probably safe to say yeah and <hes> yeah. We're now being taught in universities mazing. I know all of a sudden. I was like oh i feel really responsible for a lot of things now and i i think <hes> the tweeted. The professor tweeted back like i can't wait until we get the big dick toilet wine essays. I love it all right cool so now i don't feel so well yeah. I don't know why because i only briefly the tweet and i thought that was so cool but i got female energy arnaud which way is like more or less offensive but yeah my brain just went straight salako. Oh female professor but there's no there was no tell there wasn't a member there being italian and i think for me is because when i was younger most of our professors were men. Oh and i just should be nice. We're on the same page yes so we gotta do more dick jokes and keep. These kids entertained yeah absolutely all right. Yes yes yes jokes. Come and get it okay nice. How are you gonna start yeah. Well great yeah like we're in college now. Yeah it does feel like a crash course yeah yeah it it. It really is and i hope that in the future these like this will be taught as a class just on its own because there's so much to it. They teach a whole class on this stuff. Totally he could write books forever he and he could be like remember how you have to go to college and the professor would make you buy their book for the class like last year lead valueless because so much has changed since then. It's a strange system them yeah well. Today's students we are covering volume two section two subsections g and h <hes> and they include trump's efforts to prevent.

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