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Waive saginaw michigan south brain marilyn gulfport mississippi you're listening to abc news here's blubber note three of news radio 610 wtvn police are looking for a suspect who robbed four businesses of west columbus than an hour said the man i demand a money from a t mobile on west point plaza drive wednesday night five minutes later suspect robbed the red roofing around the corner and then hippie super eight and be peaking station on broad street with a handgun small town of new holland and pick away county is immune from a bigcity crime like a bank robbery which occurred on thursday but police chief jason law was says his instincts helped solve the crime quickly by a neighbor that he witnessed an individual meeting the description of the bank robber run into a house on church in he also knew the name of the owner of the home is after the milton banking company on north main street was robbed officers detained the homeowners on south church street and did a search of the property and found the bag of money from the robbery hidden in the attic 38yearold josh ray was arrested he later confessed to the crime clubs police continue to make their final preps from monday's red white and bone with an estimated half million people expected to congregate downtown abc six steve levin says visitors will have to be patient if you're planning to mark out your spot to watch the big show on monday night there are signs leading you know you cannot do it until five five o'clock sunday if you do it before then parks officials say they'll come by and take years stuff police say officers on horseback on bicycles annan plainclothes report that security plan i'm scott jennings stay connected to columbus and central ohio on the hour thirty.

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