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And so I understand that argument and that's I'd. But at the same time they're an open mic are. And why are they pretending they're not going to be hired for gardens of the galaxy? Yeah, there's no. The thing is like there's there's such thing as hate speech and like when you're Atta Mike at show or whatever, and they're just saying something hateful, I'm like, this is not a joke though. Like that's different, like no one, stopping your ability to to do jokes because you're not doing jokes. This is not there's no future in this in terms of like marketability, it's not funny. You're offending people and not even offending people in like, ooh, that's a crazy perspective and like it's different from what it. It's just a lot of it's low hanging fruit. So I think it's more of like a. When when people who are becoming a relevant are kicking and screaming, it's like, well, why don't you look at why you're becoming irrelevant instead of fighting? It seems like it seems like just wanting to hold onto mediocrity in things that are easy. That's how I feel there's, I think it's two different camps, but people like to be like PC cultures ruining comedy in some areas shor in other areas like you're just you're past it. I held onto a couple for a while. I held onto them and I said it and I would watch people's shocked faces and it would annoy me because you know me, you know that I'm saying this word because it is a word because you hold onto well them right now and success amount. Honestly, all of them all of them, you know, I think I took just a hair too long on all of them. You know, because the r. word, for example, grew up in queens, right? I, I think to. Tarred something a word I wanted to use that sometimes avoid that. And and I got angry because it's it's describing something. I also got angry because people who are on the specter or whatever makes you an actual what's mentally handicapped Orson. They top trying to say makes you an actual Andrea fleas fill in the gaps. What does the. And were person in the room, say it I can for minute. They were holding onto the word, you know they, they were offended that we were offended. And maybe I was just holding onto that because I really, you know, but it's when it comes down to it. It's solely what I don't have another adjective. Well, it's also life. It is even adjective. You can say it like, no, there's no police taking you away. When you say it's just you are going to have a poor reaction now. So what you do with that is up to you, you can. Yeah about it or you can try to understand why things are changing in this way? I don't whatever. So the art of it, honestly, whatever happened to the art of using new words and new ideas because I see these comedians that why can't we use the old words? Why can't we have the old way of thinking? I've never seen a done funny seen it in twenty eighteen using your old way of thinking done. Funny. Why can't I be. Because you physically can't. Yeah, you are unable to, you know what else it is for those going. Why can't I any more, whatever fill in the blank because we're texting on a keyboard in our hand riled. So if you want to do that, you have to call me because that's how we used to do when I used to use the r. word I was calling you doing. Yeah. So call me no more tax, no. Why are you Email me? Why can't we call each other anymore? I get it. I get that you want to call people, but now if you want exclusively go back in time because you can't just pick, you can't the our word and then not go back in time for the rest of it. So if you're using the internet, if you're listening to a podcast, if you're doing any of the new words, what one of the internet mean when you were using the our word back in the day? Yeah. Did internet have a meaning or did you have to learn the word internet? What? What's WI fi, that's new Lipson dot com. That's new. All these words are new. This is just part of it. I feel you're an artist, things are different now or we're playing with charcoal. Can you draw. Picture?.

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