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One of 'em separately now. This sounds like something that a you know. A guy advertising his barrier services on facebook may not know is this common farrier knowledge or does this require an more extensive. Oh definitely more. Expensive education You know you know. I just went in a nutshell. What we may do but what we actually do is more complicated than they're right you other versions of it and it takes a little experience to you know do it. In a way that felt will the horse. So how can i. How can. I make sure that i'm finding a good properly trained ferrier that would have a club or something How can i make sure that the person. I have knows what they're doing well. The simpler method is word of mouth of a satisfied clients. That have used this individual and have had problems dealt with you know usually you know Testimonial type stuff is always the probably the best way of finding people who can get references to. I've worked on this kind of horse successfully and then I'm a member of the american barriers association as well as the american association of professionals barriers. And they both are very very big on this type of continuing education so anybody who is Has put themselves into this. Category has spent some time learning about what they're doing more than just nailing a shoe on. So that's a quite often very good reference right there that if you have someone who is a member of these associations awesome fantastic so again that's afa an a. p. a. I think is what you said a very very very good website. Tastic again steve. As always thank you for coming on and thanks for coming on short and delivering this speech. I think it's so important. I mean th this. Is the foundation of what our horses are. Based on you know no worse so the these angles are very important. Glenn argue starting to understand a little bit about what we're talking about over united pictures steve again. As i was asked to do this i was wishing. I could have a like a chalkboard and by i think people in in closing i think people are who hung up on the huff angles And don't understand the palmer angles which they should actually be worried a lot more about. What's the front of angle is and we see a lot of people wanting to make sure you put a hook gauge on. And make sure they're the same and what's his angles and all that and a lot of that stuff really doesn't mean that much. Compared to what the palmer angles are in the orientation of the coffin bone. So if you wanna see your ferrier sweat ask him about the palmer angles of your horse. The next time there there and see what the reaction is and if they don't sweat then you know you gotta get. That's right. I think they understand. You know they're thinking of that rather than just the outside of the foot and it's a really educational. Facebook page cornell barrier program has a facebook page go search for that and dubbed steve always on their posting. And doing some really kind of interesting cases and amazing thing. so it's Steve kraus certified journeyman farrier at the cornell university college of veterinary medicine the ferrier program instructor. Thank you so much. Steve and we look forward to talking to you again. Soon anytime to let me know thanks. Thanks bye and he is. Great does mean in tammy's been coming on our show for years. I mean i think what you said. Jan called him last night or other vet didn't show up so We had to Do do last minute. He always is good about that and talk about a topic. I don't think we've ever talked about palmer wrangles before. Well that about wraps it up. Thank you again to our sponsor. Today wind tech saddles. You can just google tech saddles and find out more about it or go to your local tax shop and say hey let me look at your wind tek saddles make sure to have all of your favorite horse radio network shows with you wherever you go by downloading the free horse radio network app for your iphone or android. Just go to your app store and download it today. It's free and easy to you. If if you don't know how to do that. Find someone who does. There's lots of folks out there though usually under the age of twelve and that about wraps it up. This is coach. Jen and until next time garage horse the horse radio network and the horse radio network hosts are not responsible for statements made by guests on the horse tip daily. Please use your own judgment when listening to tips on this show.

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