Mcdonald, Virginia, Civil Rights Lawsuit discussed on The Tom Anderson Show


The second highest number of locations for a fast food chain in the world do you know what the number one is subway at that scale it's no wonder there been so many controversies and scandals most people have heard of like the hot coffee incident member that seventy nine year old gal stella lie back severely burned she was hospitalized for eight days awarded millions of bucks there are some less publicized cases the mcdonald's is faced some outrageous scandals and we'll go through the list how 'bout number ten the mcdonald's virginia racism lawsuit that's right two thousand fifteen several former mcdonald's employees based in virginia launched a civil rights lawsuit against the company they allege that after michael simon had become their boss owner of three mcdonald's restaurants he made a conscious decision to reduce the number of ethnic minorities he employed it was claimed that supervisors had basic lee they openly stated that there were too many black people in the store the fired workers stated that they had attempted to contact the corporate offices of mcdonald's to complain about their treatment but they receive little to no response to the lawsuit has broader implications or mcdonald's as the argument is based around how responsible the company should be for the actions of its franchisees you know corporate verses versus local mick libel case oh helen steel dave morris and several accomplices released at mcdonald's factsheet around london that was deeply negative in tone in 1990 mcdonald's launched a lawsuit against them claiming that the document was liable us it can be very timeconsuming expensive defending against censure defamation i think that they were talking about things and mcdonald's like food and how dirty it was in that case how about the mcdonald's stripped search scam it's often important a question authority an excellent example of the dangers of idle compliance as the mcdonald's stripped search scam david stewart had been prank calling fastfood restaurants and grocery stores for around a decade every time his routine with similar he was a cop.

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