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Who's boot bouche. That was the first thing it was amazing. Say so a little bit backstory. I had bet david two years ago now. No it was last year. He goes right. He was right as a twenty twenty season. It was the twentieth season but it was prior to the season spring. I guess it was early. Twenty twenty and i had met him that the white sox would have a better record than the cubs. I'm a white sox fan. He's a cubs fan. Chris is also a cubs fan and didn't really want to bet against the cubs but he did. He was along for the ride. Listen i will throw any convictions under the bus for a free meal for food. Absolutely what free food so anyways. The white sox had a two game better record or it might have even been one game better record but the deal was either. If i lost david would have to be a king of snarf talk and if you don't know what that is. I'm reporting home screen if you patriot dot com slash snarf comics. You can check out our patron. We have exclusive content for patriot subscribers. You can also get a t shirts monthly loot crates boxes fox knocker bundle. Oh snarf sundell snarf s- that are curated by us a couple if you are a bundle snarf person. We're a little behind on but will be like to do. Is them up right. Because it's only so much a month we gotta give me one of my more expensive things. Yeah we queue up a couple of months and then we sent him out like quarterly. Yeah that's what it should be on there as quarterly. Yeah right now. I think i have it by monthly. But we should do it quarterly. Yeah that makes more sense because it is we always forget anyway so he was going to be a snarf king and at the snark king level. You've got some one hundred bucks. A month super premium for bundle snoop..

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