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Got a high surf advisory in effect as started at ten this morning. It'll continue till four o'clock Friday morning beyond that mostly cloudy skies and rain heavy at times this afternoon north of the Golden Gate, we'll have highs from the upper fifty s to mid sixties. Maybe you are. I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson it's here and now workers at the General Motors plant in Lordstown Ohio are waiting to hear exactly when next year. That factory will go quiet. Takeaway. I'm tansy Nevada on Monday. General Motors hit the brakes. The American car manufacturer announced plans to cut more than fourteen thousand jobs and halt production at five plants across the US and Canada the pain of the announcement was felt from Detroit Michigan extremely disappointing decision. We moved thousands of people under the businesses six churches in hospital to create that assembly plant Lordstown, Ohio. But for the holidays hate to see people get news like this. But this isn't just a GM local issue across the board with any auto manufacturer right now all the way up to Ottawa Ontario, just north of Toronto where workers walked off the job. Are not closing. Our damp flat. Although one hell of a fight. President Trump who's promised repeatedly to bring these kinds of manufacturing jobs back wasn't happy about the change either. This country's done a lot for General Motors. You better get back to let show. Hi, oh, you better get back in there soon. So we have a lot of Berkshire senators. You have a lot of other people lot of pressure. They say the Chevy Cruz is not selling. Well, I say, well, then get somebody to get a car that is selling well and put it back in. But it's not that simple automotive news predicts that in two thousand eighteen US car sales could fall below seventeen million vehicles for the first time in four years General Motors referred to the layoffs and closures as a restructuring. So where does that leave the American auto industry? I'm putting that.

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