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Center from washington was representing Can't well can't was representing blue origin. Interest you've got the house representative from texas. Eddie bernice johnson who is actively working against spacex for some reason In her i was gonna ask you about that as a as a native texan yourself. What is going on there. Well if you look at her political donations for for a long time. She's gotten money from lockheed she's from the dallas fort worth area. They've got a big casino. They make the thirty five's right. Yes i mean. I think she's clearly got some lockheed support and they're no fans spacex and now lockheed of course as not just a ryan but in interest in the engines in Nfl s so that the congress dimension very unsure about because it is a new congress. There are different people in charge of different committees. But also i don't know the the failure scenario if congress hates decision is that they don't fund the lander and that's where we were ten minutes before this award they didn't fund the lander. So what is the. what is the failure scenario. Now that nasa has went all in with starship that i mean let's be honest. Two point nine billion over four years is like what seven hundred seven hundred and fifty million a year. Probably got a bump it up a little for nasa overhead. I mean if you're if you're given a space x can do the land for that money and this is not like this is not the laki lander which is twenty billion dollars. Right spacex already put in. i would guess what. What do you think they've self invested in starship. Five billion something like that. I mean it's it's got to be on it. It's a lot The the the hiring that they've done in south texas is pretty remarkable in there just Money is is no longer an option for spacex which is really interesting to see the move that philosophy but but anyway they don't need twenty billion dollars for human landing system like date they they just put it down. They said we need three. And now they need money for space suits And but what's congress could provide zero funding. I guess for human landing system. But i don't think i don't think the democrats are gonna do that to the administration are they. I mean i don't think so. In my recommendation to spacex would be get an amtrak logo on starship as soon as you can and then just just dial it up. Amtrak joe going to the moon baby. We're building amtrak to the moon proposal. I mean it is. It is building the railroads like that You know it's interesting. Because like like we said nasa is awesome does not need that much. More money because spacex is going to be investing in starship And so their move was interesting. They're gonna placate no congress with with this an nelson talked about this too. But they're going to have this follow on competition for recurring missions. In my guess is that they'll sort of throw some money you know into that pot for these other ideas. The problem is if you give blue origin lockheed or genetics. Three hundred million or five hundred nine year to continue studying. They're not going to be doing much of anything. I mean i know for a fact. The employees lockheed already had the expectation that if they were working on. Hls do not anymore bike I know someone else who's going to stop work order. Who is doing work. On dynamic slander. So the fanciful notion that these companies jeff bezos. Who's going to sell. Fund is lander away..

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