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My Cleveland was never on national TV. You know on your road game. There's going to be sold out. No other player in the draft. As you that no other player, let alone the -bility that he has the physical ability. But I'm just talking about the stuff off the court and a lot of guys don't come along. Like that. Now what happens once he gets there? We don't know, you know, hopefully, he's he's injury free, and they can grow and beaters top fifty player because we all love to see it. Well, he automatically makes you relevant is is what you're saying that that he and it's very few guys where there's a tune in factor on a bad team where you'll continue to watch, but you will watch Zion Williamson. But if I said Yordi know what Luca Donncha can do from his rookie or in trae young what they could do with their rookie. Or if I said, you can have their future. This isn't anything to do with finances. It's just what you do on the basketball floor, and I gave you zion's future Luca or Trey young who are you taking? I'm gonna take okay. You know, even how we don't know what he's going to do. And we're looking at you know, Luca and Trey and they've had great rookie seasons. Yeah. But I think those who still have limitation okay in regards to where to go because from a size perspective trae is still smaller Luca still has some challenges for quickness he could still gotta get his body together. But I mean, that's a great. I love that analogy because you give us something that we've seen 'cause nuke us on in preseason. And I said once he gets once he gets it. He's going to be good. But if something about Zion right now that is special. I don't know what that is. You know, some guys has had it, you just don't know. And they know how to figure things out. It's a something about him. Because think about it people are tuning in to watch. How does basketball they tuned in a lot earlier this year because of that, Matt? And the question was was this was this Thomas transferable? From college to I mean from high school college RJ bear was rated hired nine was nothing. He's answered that question. But it's a shooters league when you get into the NBA, and we know that he he's sort of hesitant with that shot. And I you know, but day who's in conversation for them to be paid. Well, they're they're young. They're better player. He's a better player ben-zion, obviously, here's here. But obviously. But here's the thing though. The thing that Janas making great, of course, he's six eleven. I mean that always helps the handle here's what the handle his ability to get you the best or despite you backing off with him. Okay. All right has showed in college. His ability to put it on the deck attack. And then make a play. Okay. So at that three or four position probably at the four position there. He'll have a mismatch a little bit. And he'll be able to create off the dribble and do some things until his shot hopefully comes around what if I said, you could have Ben Simmons future or zions? I'm figures, I me and tell you what. Simmons to me is so reluctant as a offense of play. And you know, he wants to he's not a true point guard, and I had him a few times during TNT games this year when been determined that he wants to be been, oh he's taught..

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