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Sales mobile like on your phone like like the mobile phone cheesy. Crazy, I knew that they did serious business. I did not know that the surprising element. And all of this was that they already owned a portion of it like the already owned a portion of their competitor thirty eight percent. So it wasn't even just like a teeny little slice of the pie. It was like a chunk of the pie. I mean, I think it's smart in order to stay relevant and to compete as someone who doesn't work in the home shopping industry. I would say they're very similar quality QVC and ancient San in terms of how they present products the quality of their hosts quality of the programming there to-to-to like they're the only options here. I don't know who they're competing with globally. I am not aware of that global market. I thought it was interesting that QVC owns both zoo lily and Yvette. I I didn't don't know that. know they own eve, right? So next time you respond to a wedding invitation that comes on eve, I don't send your wedding invitations on E. Okay. Okay. Despite By. game is paperless. Post if you want but don't use EBay. I did not know that that. Oh, why would they want to stay in that business? That's fascinating. I don't know. We've all bought strange things in the night and wondered why we did it probably we bought them on home shopping network. So even it was just up for sale on TV one night. And there were like, oh my gosh. I could do how many payments for this evening business. Yeah. All the jokes Twitter that are like key VC by HSEN for one hundred and five Lolo payments of like jillion dollars. Those are my favorite Twitter jokes right now. I don't know what this means for the branding. I don't know if it's going to be one network now, I don't know if it's going to be the two names and focusing on what they do best under the one parent company. I don't really gather that yet there may be new information by the time. We listen to this episode that I can share next time. I don't know. Do you? Do you listener people do you shop on the TV? I mean. I think this was a smart business move that they needed each other's resources that at this point in order to compete with an online seller like Amazon, you have to have all those resources together there so much money involved in this deal. It's hard to kind of comprehend. But I think they're preparing for their next steps and how to survive. Yeah. I think a lot of this is going to be going after younger generations and getting away from that idea that it's the the old woman who's up at all hours ordering things at random on the TV. I think they're going to try to diversify their customers as much as possible. Yeah. As I should heck. Yeah. So that'll be very interesting. If I have any opportunities to tour H O sentencing Pete. I'll take pictures if I'm allowed if anyone knows how to get me one of those Hala I used to watch a whole lot of HSEN in my early college years because I would pull these wicked all nighters, and I just wanted company while I was up that late. It's very soothing. So yeah, that's what's happening in the world of. In the world of the home shop. Well, let me tell you about the latest political scandal question Mark is it a scandal? Segue. Good job Lululemon is suing under armor over a bra various central part of my wardrobe to garbage fire companies going at it in court. Can we handle it? What is your problem with Under Armour girl? Do you know about their politics, and what's going on with some of the decisions they've been making? Ooh. Oh, okay. Cut that line. These companies are legit big big players in the industry, but they've just made some decisions and passed regarding how they want to run things how they wanna deal with consumers that I'm not exactly crazy about. But I'm assuming any large business is going to have an element of that. That's why I call them garbage fire companies. But okay, okay. Take it with a grain of salt. So enter armor, just to preface under armor is having a very interesting week. They just signed a sap rocky for the next year and the middle of announcing their collaboration with ASEP rocky..

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