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Yeah i i'm just going to echo everything he just said mark because we have this conversation. This is the work that we do. We get to the root cause and then we use treatments that make sense for each person's specific biology and their life environment. And there's not a patient that comes to me or it's a rare patient that comes to me that we don't. We don't find multiple reasons why their health is either currently compromised or is setup for being compromised in the future because of all of those particular areas you just talked about envir- it's not a matter of people have toxins is how much and then and then the genetics determine how well they're gonna detox is toxins and so we also know that you have genetics to drive your your immune system but we have places to look. We do a lot of antibody testing to help us identify. Do you have an ordering mean process. And where is the trigger and so we could go through every you know every biologic system that we look at all the testing that we do and explain in detail how were using those tests in this biologic areas toxins. epa access energy production might aqa andrea. We do specific tests that Will look at my to conjure function. All of this things have to be addressed. It's never thing. Multiple layers s. l. problem with traditional medicine race like reductions. It's crazy to get this drug as he later. That's add nothing else and we're like no. No ten with grave might have ten different issues and we need to treat them in ten different ways and we need to find out what their causes and my their system and suffering. You know what. Twenty years ago where remain maybe longer than maybe twenty one. Twenty years ago you were canyon ranch and you had the opportunity to you know. Hear jeff bland. Speak in your. You got the fever early on reiter. Twenty years ago. I started my own conventional family practice and i was a conventional dock for you know it was. It took me about fifteen years but even in my conventional practice. I always had that that holistic approach hours writing nutrition programs. I was putting together Exercise programs for my patients in my diabetics a weight loss program specifically for my diabetics However the pressures of in the insurance industry the pressures of my discipline in family medicine were such that. It was seen as many pages as you can make the diagnosis use. A pharmaceutical agent and about six probably thirteen fourteen years in. I started to say you know what this is. Not really something wrong because my patients aren't getting better no i'm maintaining disease and then i found functional medicine and that changed. Everything changed everything so where you would have come to me with grave disease ten years ago. And i would send you to the undergone apologised. it would put yarmuth amazon beta-blocker and then talked about having you go to an ent dhaka's and take out your thyroid. I would've been right on board. You know what. I saw the light. And i can tell you in. My time is a film is a functional medicine. Doc now board-certified function as the ifm. I think i have helped. More people leave their disease behind. Actually be better then. I didn't in twenty years of private practice in conventional medicine. Wow so so. That's a big statement. You literally have helped more. People sunk medicine. The tight it is. It's it's kind of a miracle and it into me is both inspiring and it's also incredibly frustrating because so many people out there are not getting answers to their problems with solutions that exist and it just it just breaks my heart And people suffer terribly. Autoimmune disease are so bad. I i was recently at west and i was sitting in montana cabin. I was staying in. And i went out in the morning to just hang out now my coffee and maybe a little bit and and this is old guy saying they're looked old anyway. It was turned out to be a lot younger than i was but he was. You know kind of pretty overweight. Big belly started chitchatting where you from texas ohio. Great when you do while. I was at oil construction guy and i'm gonna. Oh well it's kinda cool is the way. I had to quit now like what happened. He's well i collapsed. The job had i had ms. And i've been on these drugs. And i'm just terrible. I can't do anything. Rarely get up. I took my shoes. I used to wear boots at kenilworth seekers. Now can't do anything. And i just feel terrible and i thought you know. Wow this guy is not getting access to information. That's gonna really help him. And i told him about terry walls on msn. I recommend her book. You know she on the podcast gonna be back on the podcast and he's a meal like well annulment here i can't. I can't help myself. Because i am a year. You have them. You're gonna get dramatically better. You come across all the time you have. Doctors is and you have a doctor's heart i have. Doctors is ever doctors heart. I see things that other people. Don't see and i cry over things. Other people wouldn't cry over because i know the implication of what i've just seen and i know the suffering that people experience when they have chronic disease that they can't get an answer to and We see those patients here wanna center all the time and the good news is here. Dot wellness.

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