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So I see the, I guess, the basic premise of it and why potentially could work. And she says more research going into this kind of stuff in different places around the world. I think Canada's looking at implementing this and nothing homes, and that's a good example like nursing homes, because if you're someone who has low mobility in your -ly, maybe you're only Goto three or four rooms every day. Yes, you will pretty coffee place. And the whole imagine how drab some of those places are. So he's the point that kind of propelled me into where we're eventually going to go, which is the idea of techno elemental 's. She said that we normally think about surroundings as inert as lifeless containers. But she said, all the research on sensation makes me start to see why are Akhara and gins these wacky artists they, they viewed the home and the inhabitant as a living entity. They called it the architecture body. This is almost like an architectural form of embracing pen sarcasm in a way. I don't know how much they. They believed in that in amid a physical way, but that was their thinking that it's the homes viewed as an entity and your part of that entity. Now, this ties into the concept of objects being. In habitant by spirits that we know from, you know, Japanese Japanese folklore, but there may be something more to this idea which we've touched on previous shows. But I realized that this, this new book from David Spangler techno elemental was precisely about this. But before we move onto that, I'll just leave you with something that the author from joyful Ingrid, federal Lee said after she spent just one day in this crazy apartment in Japan, she went back to her business hotel room in Tokyo, and she thought that she would go back there and just be, you know, kind of bogged down by the boring lines and the Brown cop it and the, you know, boring leather chair in the corner. But she said she turned the key and she walked in there. Everything came alive like the her is coat every sliver sliver of light and shade. She said, if tips were kind of. Enlivened by every region farro the the bug indeed shed in just looked magical for some reason the with sunlight streaming over. It's like suspending a, not in the wacky room. It revitalize to send. Yeah, it's like senses got Gracie boost, and she said it losted a couple of days like every everything about the environments she was going into joss felt kind of different and magical in a way. It's such a cool concept, but it makes me wonder if because I guess not that I've ever experienced it. But when you're in locations, have you bright colors and that kind of stuff. Sometimes it can be a little bit of a whelming. So I wonder if there's a set period of time because you yourself just said that, you know, I'm not gonna stay Molin you know a few days. How long could someone in this location? Because obviously it's going to get to a point where you know your muscles are uncomfortable because you balancing all the, I guess, unless you just adjust to it. Look, I think there's something to the the science behind the. Influence the environment has on Al Al minds and biology is absolutely something to that. That's real intangible. However, I will say that these artists in the vein of, you know, close more than more than on lunatics and the stuff they create is hideous and ugly and the the combination of colors there in the apartments. Yes, it's bright and stimulating, but go is an evil. Yeah. It's like someone has thrown up. Yeah, I don't know like a clown. It's like a mass clown suicide. In a room and I just didn't clean up. That's that's actually very accurate way describing all linked to their reversible destiny foundation in the Shona. It's if you want to check out some of the audit, you'll realize what I'm talking about because they, they're in the, for example, the entire year of nineteen sixty five. The artwork was focused on drawing choose. Culture, at least. And then in. And then in nineteen sixty seven, they worked on this pace cold landscape and they literally wrote on a wall align is crack and then drew a line under it..

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