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Hello and welcome to episode seventy might erase ghosts about the table gimmick magazines i'm done routed founder mike this week with christie boss who is the managing editor of the magazine of rich's artists entrepreneurs a great ships she runs with her husband and magazines creative director dirty we talked about the magazine dutyfree what keeps us combined elderly issue came together and their visions for a multinational vicious discu capable wished us i want to tell you about some sale at online platform voting justifies is like in which makes silicon managing magazine subscriptions really's recently of lj to major features this absorb that full a subscription check out the loads of your magazines website gifts these achieve which is the publishes heavy pretorius four i'm very excited to get the momentum what he for you if you want to start sending but to subscriptions to sub sodeco to get situps deserves certainly free until you hit fifty subscriptions so what are you know with the show accuracy he thinks that have been so we're about so you'd earned we are in seattle in washington so we're in the pacific northwest of the united states yeah is is like a a bit of a magazine hubbard's it is there magsi seat cushion on a little bit of his loom singing on since smaller more uh you know paper feel magazines um but no not really not a big magazine not exactly like what we do i guess so we're kind of feels a little bit like route yes sir them the tsa to go out with my 'cause he came from a under the you to kickstart diffuse again but you stood on line with the magazine before the we did we were on line four on we sort of maine and agreement with ourselves that we would give woven online via arm and then decide if we were ready to launch a print version and um just about a year to the day what we launched woven online launched are kickstarter qiantang for our first print issue and we are very very proud to have our time line on the way that we sort of intended and very fortunate that people picked up on their kickstarter and found us sudden on that went very successfully.

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