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Even if they were never an advertiser the toll free number here is eight fifty five four fifty free. We've been talking about the IQ distribution between men and women. And I don't know if there's much more to your story. Melanie, I didn't ask you were you reading a piece from reason? Cover-up continue if you wanted to say. I didn't know. They they disappeared the paper journal a so called scientific journal. Yeah. Worried about what people would think just flushed it down the memory hole. Yeah. So it goes on as might have been anticipated. The paper was poorly received by feminist scholars heels co author I have no idea how to say that what is a feminist scholar. I mean, you you either believes the truth or you don't you don't need to put an ad. So we can just make up industries and pretend to study them. Well. Else? It's either. So feminism, my understanding of the the the basic explanation of feminism is that women are should be equal under the law to men and their different way. But that is not what he wasn't at the original feminism, aren't there flake three waves. Even I wave feminism was not looking for a quality because they wanted to give women all the extra rights that men have. But not give them all the extra responsibilities. That men have what is an example of that. For example, they could vote, but they didn't have to be drafted. Oh, I see. Okay. I can't blame them for that. Same.

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