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Sports last night. At James harden. Chuck it up about my shots. The couple of medicine thirty. I mean, thirty three games and thirty points. You had with a an essence a game with the horde like with two weeks to go against the nets. That was pretty sick. Mark assault played. Well, yup. Russell westbrook. His ten consecutive triple-double the east Cavaliers putting the clamps back big wind gusts. Look we tweet about this a little bit texting and inserted tweeting as well. Yeah. They looked that lobbied even by their ridiculously reducue lists defensive standards. What they did in Chapel Hill the final what was it. Well, the final five, but it's the health until like nine percent shooting. That's unbelievable. That was incredible. What a big win for you. Beverly carrying off the loss to Duke seemingly the only team they can't beat when you have your six ten power forward. Jack up three pointers and all of them making sixty two percent Virginia's gonna lose that game. But everybody else better watch out one. Very good win for Bennett, the boys. So it was a good sports died really it rolled into today. Thanks, buddy. Feisty on the social sees started pecking away type it away goodbye pace out. I'm gone saying peace out to the Steeler nation there. He's still on the team. I don't know that he knows that. But he's still Steeler. You're right. And here's the interesting thing BT because it's not like basketball where we've seen this. And maybe he's watching too much sports right now. And watching the other superstars and the other sports and demanding trade. I want out of New Orleans. I want to win a championship. I'm getting out of here. Okay. See I wanna go Golden State if I'm Katie and win a championship. Maybe he's watching too much of that. And things to just because he says peace. I'm gone. I'm demanding a trade at the Steelers are going to trade up. Why would I understand and you've been on this for much longer than I have going back to week seventeen of the NFL season? I kind of didn't come around to it until their principal owner started speaking about him, but backtracked on a little bit the second. You've been saying for while he's got to be gone. Even said this in the in the during the season. And so I get it. But he's sodium good BT Steelers. Let fifteen hundred yards and twelve touchdowns just walk out of the door, the sake of harmony pretty easily at this point is sake of chemistry. And easily, and I think that's like as a non in the locker room person. Now, I mean, I used to be in the locker room, but I'm not having been in the locker room and eleven years like the the importance of what you just mentioned harmony getting along route for your guy pulling for your guy liking that guy in cheering for his success is is important. You hear it more now than you used to is used to be you don't like to do gears longs. He's Ballin whatever about feelings. Now exactly is permeated. Isn't it? Interesting. How that is. Whereas back in the day with much beyond the sports at least back in the day. Think about like the generation just before me. Jennifer, Lawrence Taylor, Lawrence Jim generation, or all those guys the Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. I mean, if you were like just outside of the box click yet, but they're Bach. Yeah. I mean, they need the bounce off the team. Hayes they'd Hayes the hell they. They treat you like crap. And you conformed eventually you fit in or you know, whatever you're gone. Yeah. Nowadays, it's like we all get along. Let's talk this here. Let's get in the room and have a beer. Practice for a few days. I don't want to have a beer with you. You probably got. Us. We wanna quit on. Yeah. And by the way, people forget this. I just want to reset this the week leading up to the season. Finale a must-win game of must win game. Great that they needed some help. Which is why juju Smith Schuster and some other Steelers were watching the end of the other game on. On the heights field field but leading up to a must win game. He had a heated dispute with Big Ben. That's the report our guy jail sees been all over this. And even further jail has said that and reported that those issues extent to tablet as well. Mike Tomlin big bed and there's this fracture with Antonio Brown. And because of the blow up which was deemed pretty intense Antonio Brown decided not to choke the practice for a couple of days up, and then he showed up on Sunday to play at the gumption. Do I'm Antonio Brown. I I just I don't need to really abide by all the rules. Doughnut. You do. Now, what complicates this is? He's he's do a boatload of money. A lot of guaranteed at it's going to be very hard. It's gonna take a lot of creativity. It's gonna take a lot of patience. And it's going to take a lot of moving parts to make this happen. But take this to the Bank Antonio, and I've been saying this for six months for for three months now he will not be on the Steelers because he cannot be on the Steelers. It's. Expired. It's over. I don't think despite a few random Heyzer guy. We want him thinking totality. I don't think the team wants him. They like him because of the production. Exactly. And if they were fourteen two they played on on February second, whatever what was the Super Bowl? February to February third third if they would've played on February third, and it's only Browns in the middle of an offensive explosion is swallow hard. And you suck it up. They didn't make the playoffs at three seven two and one start with arguably as much offensive talent is anybody in the NFL through the outside of the chiefs because Big Ben getting older, and obviously Mahomes, a special and maybe water to other the Rams when they're full throttle. Right there. Fortunately, five and they've been that way for a while. So there's continuity. Here's the big is the bigger issue. And I think Mike Tomlin I don't know if he has the power to influence this trait to like say, a powers that be we need to move on from ABC we need to move o- move on from him. Right. But if I'm Mike Tomlin, I think for the for the preservation of my job, I need to move. He needs to move on from an Tonio Brown. And here's what I got you might. It's a fine. A very fine line for head coach who has a guy like a be a diva like AB because you know, he's going to be unbelievable. Every sunday. There's no denying you can't he may be a diva he may be do come in and helicopters and Akron, corona, Susan in Billy Mays Hayes as you all of that stuff. Great on Sunday afternoon that man Bala period. And so is Mike Tomlin. You you need that guy on your team what that guy team? But after he becomes so disruptive that he starts influencing other guys other younger players who say AB does that maybe I can get away with a little bit of that. But then they see Mike Tomlin. And we've heard this. They see Mike Tomlin not coming down on Antonio Brown. But then coming down on them. It creates his double standard that people will start start saying about Mike Tomlin who who are you your phone? You the disciplinarian like you are with me or you. The lenient like players coach you are with him. Yup. And so it forces him to be two different people, which is really hard to reconcile. If you're if you're smart on a team like you started saying, you sense it. That. Yes, I do know exactly what you mean. The pro. I think you're absolutely right. It's a very delicate balance to strike any straddle that line for a while. But as much I like Tomlin a lot of this is on I. On his doorstep. And I don't know that you can put it back in the bag, even if you get rid of Antonio Brown. There's a culture now there was for too long except in not lawlessness. It's unfair to Mike Tomlin. But a sloppiness a sloppy to even when he was talking about the patriots on national TV three or four weeks before they were playing just he. I'm not going to turn this into fire Tomlin. But. Mike tomlin's. This is this is the year. Otherwise that I think he's got he's getting to that point where he needs to have his locker room guy, whoever that is. I don't know if it's been or whoever right? I don't think he's been to you. I think that might be the problem, right? That's a whole nother conversation. Get rid of the quarterback. Exactly. Yeah. It's a whole nother conversation. But every head coach needs that locker room guy. He needs that guy who says when when Tomlin says, we're we're turning the ship a different angle right now. We've been going this way. We've been letting you guys do it your way. But guess what we got we got we had a veered to the right? A little bit. Because it hasn't worked we've seen the dysfunction that it 'cause we've seen the seven two and one start finish on a non playoff berth in a division that we had no business being behind the Baltimore Ravens in right? We we have to go that way. He needs the locker room guy. Big Ben or whoever it may be. And I don't think it's big been again, either a different conversation. But he needs that locker room guide to say all right guys. Coach Tomlin saying this is what we're going to go. Do. I don't know if he has that. And if he doesn't it's going to be really hard for him to re. Greenhouses establish actually, Pittsburgh Steeler team. I like the way you position that about a, you know, an unexpected choppy turn, you know, in the waters, get a little choppy to be redundant. You know, you need a unifier, and you need to galvanize her and the last thing you want when the captain of the ship, and in this instance, for this analogy, it's obviously my Tomlin less than you want. You know? The guys deck say, well, why why are we go this way? And let's be conver-. There you want you want the guy to say hold on hold on. Yes. And what he says that guys hold on. Yes. And then you have a new culture, or at least a tweaking of a culture, you know, listen if he's deltaic vigor to absorb it. Twenty one point one million dollars dead cap space, right? Tenable big. But is it on? Use the reason that happens because even though a team trades a player so his current contract is based salary for twenty nineteen talking about AB is twelve point six million dollars..

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