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Forward. He wants to get allow his he put her on the block. He has no reasons of backstab the majority when he just clip on for them so I just the paranoia with her so rampant in so common that I really think this is GonNa eventually backfire her backfire on her in the game. They're being any way that her paranoia doesn't catch up with her. She's very overextended right now. In terms of Sam and Nick are going to be talking throughout the day about her and Dan how overextended she is and how much of a liar she is and they plan on trying to out her game moving forward especially if Bella leaves and tried to expose her as much as possible part of Bellas campaign later in the day we'll be talking about. Maybe maybe not specifically Christie about the fact that Jackson Holly are on the bottom of the six which is true very true and so cat knows that Christie's after Jackson Cliff knows that Christie you talked a lot about Jackson. Christie has expressed these thoughts to cysts. She's talked to Tommy. Obviously she can trust Tommy and probably trust says but says my might accidentally leak at some point because she says but it's it's spreading it's out there. Just Jess is aware of these things like this could get back to Jackson and holly very easily and they are starting to worry and we'll talk about that as well but they're starting to realize that they haven't really been talked to for a while and that the they've come together as a group and they're being left out of talks lately and so this this tension is building. It's it's really building and Christie is at the heart of it all so I could very easily see something happened here with with Christie or at the very least with this six blowing up this is starting to reach a boiling point over the course of the day. There are a lot of different pieces in motion to to break these six apart honestly if they're able to peace these parts together Jackson and holly on talking about if they're able to piece together we might see vote flip. I wouldn't rule it out completely because if they're able to piece together that they're the biggest targets is added those six. They might WanNa do a flip. I may be too little too late. At this point. We saw we'll probably get too but we saw beller trying to work around last night talking to people talking game. I don't see happening but if something happened in the next twenty four hours we might be able to see something happen and turn against the sits yeah. I have more hope that things will break up after this week because I don't think that holly in Jackson are willing to to flip flip this week but there's definitely especially at the end of this this update we have a conversation late at night with Christie and Tommy that I think is very telling in terms of where they're looking to go in the future but we'll get there so so kristie she's crying how much she trusts cliff and how much she wants to be working with them. She regrets ever going against him. Cat is protecting Klis interest in this conversation making sure that Ah that Christie knows that cliff is trustworthy so things are working along. Those lines cat is also going to go to holly and this is where I think she I think cat starts to over extend yourself and let me say also that I I think cat is in a little bit of trouble here. Cat has been starting to do a better job but she's also I think over extending a little bit she this this sort of back and forth between Christie.

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