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There would be a huge mistake. I would be really surprised if we don't see an influx of some more short track racing. The fans want. On it. I think NASCAR wanted the we have a track owner openly saying he wants it. So it'd be hard for me to magin. I'm not saying twenty I am. But at some point we're going to see six short track races stands now is probably too few. Well and Julia says are not short-track races. You know, we, you know, he's like hickories short-track man Richmond. Not as track and he's got a point those hickories of real. He's. Has a point when he says that that's a good point. Yeah. So you know, what shore tracks right really matter. And let me get to a point with a Cup car. You're not gonna run Bowman gray with a Cup car. I who knows. But you know, you gotta have a track that's a reasonable size for this type of vehicle making this much power this much weight, you know, attract a great late model race may not be great Cup race. So you got to keep all that in in mind, but a track smaller than you know, smaller than Richmond. Let's say yes, the third half a mile length and gotta have safer barriers. I mean, that's a big part of the discussion with Nashville is just making. Sure, it's yeah. I was gonna need some work. I mean, you know, my son's race in Nashville. And I've been there about every year for the last three years Nashville needs some it needs some updating you know, it needs some fan facilities updated. It needs some updating, but that can happen that all can happen. You know, we talk a lot about we talk a lot about the business about what's going on in the sport. Okay. And the rules package, but if the rules spec edge has the desired effect, we could be in for some of the greatest reysen you've ever seen in NASCAR. And that's something people aren't talking about. When fans talk about the rule changes in the fan say well, nascar's forgot us and NASCAR is doing this because of the money in whatever those generalizations are won't defense understand something I'm going to say, I don't know a number. But by far the majority of changes that have happened in the sport have been done for the interest of the fan now. You that listening today may not agree with what was done. But no one set in a mortem and said, let's piss the fans off. Not intentionally at least. No, I mean, no one some the stakes have been made. But those mistakes were made out of trying to make things better for the fans, not for corporate greed. Not for all the things in NASCAR has been criticized for and I've been critical NASCAR to, but I do think it's important to keep in context that when you when you as a fan heater change the majority of those things man there about the fans they didn't change the playoff format because they thought it would be less fun. Less citing might get it. You might not like it. I understand that. But I don't think that they that you use a fan should realize that those things were done in what was believed to be in your best interest. And I think I think that kids missed on. And I think that's unfortunate. But I do believe man, if this aero package has the desired effect the stated goal of we want it to be difficult for drivers we won't closer racing. We won't more excitement. We won't the best drivers to mean, something if all those goals are attained you could be in for one of the best years ever in NASCAR. Now, I'm not sitting here today saying that's what's going to happen because I've been around long enough to know. I don't one hundred percent know what's going to happen. I have a belief, but I could be wrong. But if things obtained I mean, damn, I mean you. Precisely or sitting on the possibility for having some of the best races you've ever seen. There's a possibility that if all every all the stars align and all in this strategy works at NASCAR is spent millions of dollars investigating and working with the teams to come up with if it works. We could be in for a great year. The mayor has spoken. We appreciate all the insight and time give today. Thanks Jeff for being. Thanks, right. Me Mets fun. So that wraps up our state of NASCAR and twenty nine thousand nine podcast. Jeff burton. Thanks so much for listening. Hope you enjoyed it. And if you did there is much good content to come with speed weeks and the Daytona five hundred just around the corner. Nascar America.

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