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You tell us every day, so it's not easy being perfect, right? Or maybe not. Maybe that was someone else. I'm speaking for northwestern basketball. Notre-Dame two, both schools improving to 5 and O, the wildcats down one at halftime, get 20 points from Chase aude and chase down liberty, 66 52, and you has to deal with number 19 auburn tonight and cancun about a 6 point underdog freshman JJ starling scores 23 points in Notre-Dame 16 point win over Bowling Green. Zach lavine and the bulls just snapped a four game losing streak, but they've dropped their last three road games and sent about 7 and a half point dogs in Milwaukee tonight. The first of a half dozen consecutive bulls out of town contest. These games are gonna get easier as we all know the seasons, you know? Bringing up these bigger teams, you know, we're going on this long road trip away from home for a while. So, you know, so it's a challenge, but you know, we should all be up for it. I'm gonna say Milwaukee's two time MVP, Yanis hunt, the ducato averages just over 30 points, 6th in the league, demar Derozan of the bulls just over 25, 14th in the NBA. 7 o'clock star tonight off, vintage bulls box matchup. Here at on 6 70 the score. 7 30, puck drop for the black hawks in favored stars in Dallas, hawks a large about a plus two 40 dog. They've lost four in a row. Bears practice may or may not include may or may not include Justin Fields or banged up quarterback. He'll meet reporters round one 30 this afternoon. College football's top four remain the same Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan TCU, LSU's 5th USC 6th, no score in the Barack Croatia match, Germany's up one nothing near halftime over Japan. Josh Les, news radio, one of 5 9, wbm? 7 48 traffic

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