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I actually worked for their their their news arm out of washington d c for awhile but they wanted me in a move there i was not a chance washington d c first while the pay wasn't enough and i was pretty establish where i was living then another station in toledo same thing uh you know we love you we think your great you do the afternoon show uh i want you to move your massaari know all commute now we don't want somebody to do that so now what the heck i so i just fill in on the radio now and i actually have a regular job like the rest of you that too soon as my day has done here i start a match up but it's a lot of fun and radios just wonderful because we get to talk about uh the likeminded things that we're all thinking about and i started to story at the end of last hour i got to pay off on it because this is pretty significant because i'm sure the press is going to play this when it does happen the way that they are so it's terrible the white house must be a horrible place to work because look at all these people who are leaving i'm orosa for instance announced she's going to be leaving the white house uh mid january two go pursue her life her job but what she used to do and you're going to see a lot of people leaving the white house and the reason is is that when president trump hired all these people and i have this on good accord by somebody who worked in the campaign and worked in the transition and was actually offered a position in the white house he couldn't take it because his wife was pregnant they just had a beautiful daughter here about a month ago um what the president said to all these people is listen i need you for a year then after that if you wanna stay you're more than welcome to but i understand that you've got a life and you've got a business to run and if you need to go run that i just need you for a year so you're going to see a lot.

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