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We've got an early Christmas present. I will caution you to be very careful, right? And I will share my revelation with you as well. But I woke up with this morning, but let's take a look at traffic. I think the Red Spence Bridge reopen. He should be dominating the news cycle there. But let's take a look at what's going on. It is such a joyous day in the traffic studio. Tony what man The sun is out shining on you, Chuck. Yes, exactly. Right. Finally, some good news that you get to give. That's exactly right. It's north bound 75 South bounds. 75 are open again Going to croak across the Brent Spence bridge as you both mentioned it is a staggered opening. So one ramp that is not open. As of yet is South bound 71 going across for Washington way that is still blocked off, But I just watched the trucks pull up there. It looks like they're getting ready to move the barrel shortly. Still seeing some heavy delays, and this is all from the UC help traffic center. That you see health are renowned back neck and spine. Experts find answers for complex conditions Learn more if you see help. Calm. The heaviest is eastbound to 75 a slow go shortly after you get past Dixie, making your way over to North bound 4 71 westbound slows between Turkey Foot and the 75 merge in Erlanger, North Bound 75 out of Florence is starting to show some improvement. Chucking from NewsRadio 700 wlw. All right now, before we lose you, Chuck, the sheriff told me there's a little over under going on and when the first rack is going to be on the newly reopened bridge, and he's already lost the I think what you say 10 minutes really lost the under. Well, It's not on the bridge, but North bound 71. I'm kidding. Reports of an accident or 75. Rather, I'm getting reports of an accident near Dixie Highway. Although I've been looking for those cameras, I'm not seeing a delight yet. Doesn't count. Okay, fine. Let's take a look at the nice Beautiful weather shining down on the brand spanking new section of the bridge right at your nine first warning. Weather forecast and it's ah sunny today. Obviously gorgeous out for this time.

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