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I worry a little bit about Kenyan Drake situation, and I think. Greg is more talented than Marlin. MAC is, you know, they invested draft picks and Jordan Wilkins camp reports have been good. Naim Hines, they invested money and obviously he's and undersize more of a court jester. So I don't. I don't see a world where it's impossible for Marla MAC too. Vastly outperform my expectations. I think that's possible me Andrew LX gonna change this offense, but I don't believe that he's going to carry the load here the, here's the decision you will have to make though if you are wanting to grab Marlin MAC in fantasy drafts kerryon Johnson or MAC, oh, get out of here. I never on unless it's a mock draft, Tevin Coleman. MAC draft, then it's a mattress. That's right. Hey, if you're out there and you're wanting to draft, Karen, just draft Marlin. Oh, this is. Yeah, he's the draft Marla, Meg. Carry on in your mind? Yes, I want to see him Harlem. X eighty p rise. Johnson's fall, Kevin Coleman or Marlin mic. I would take my lament. I think I'd take MAC in that situation to just for the potential marshawn Lynch or Marlin may marshawn. That's that's close. I think I would go back. What's I would go marshawn. Get a bet crow l. or Marla MAC Crowell. Those that's the decision like he is he, he's not it crazy expensive for the people who are in Marla MAC, thirty. Third running back off for average raff position, but the guy's going around him are far more exciting for me. We talked about what the return of Andrew luck means. It's hope for the running game. You know what else is hope for the running game investing. Early draft picks on offense of linemen. They invested in fine worst round and round here. Yeah, on a pair of guards. And so that's going to help matters for whoever gets the opportunity to tote the rock behind center, whether it's MAC or somebody else, and the word is will be seen luck play for about a quarter during pre this preseason week, one on Thursday. Order. Last must want to say that's a report anyway. That's actually really interesting for game one for any out there does. He is going out with the bubble, the bubble boy thing from Seinfeld. Yeah. Oh, yeah. They better have the starters. Plan once ever used those things, Mike, where you get in the bubble in your bedroom. It's called knocker ball. Knocker ball. Yes, I have. I've played a future the NFL I will tell you what? After one sprint with the ball on you, you are gas. Oh, yeah. Is a heavy. Yes. I feel like it's so fun. Next would break because your head sticking out, right? Because no, no, no, you're inside of it. The only thing sticking out, like your your legs, your from your knees or down? Yeah. Oh, heck. Yeah. Yeah. When you're knocked down, getting back up is part of the harder to harder to throw a football with that on? I've played, I got a it was for a men's event and I got to go up against my father here. Oh, take him. On pasta, many on like good, no remorse, oversee. All right. Wrapping up our AFC south breakdown. Let's talk to Dede Westbrook wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars. You talking to me. D tell me what it was like your your experience on draft day last year. What was it like the experience where where were you? We always liked to hear everybody's draft a story and get walked through that actually much FDA story with spit in a car. I own my way to Norman Oklahoma from Dallas. I came down to night before to celebrate with my agent and my family and friends here in Dallas. But my mother was back in Norman and so I was actually in Colorado job and back to her whenever I got the phone call from a coach Coughlin and it was pretty much a crazy experience that crazy day for me. I started crying in the backseat of the car because it was just the pills, the real. You know what I mean? Just joining finally come and show some. You've always wished for dreamed upon whenever you was a kid watching, oh the guys, you know, all.

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