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A nobody really wanted associated suddenly i went from winning every teaching award at both universities i had been n two maybe four or five people in these large auditoriums that would show up to my talks on health and healing because we can throw the word healing into a science talk i everybody runs the other way of thinking that juror some sort of a woo uh you know artist out there may be a maybe someone owes crazy california doctors or something like that but the really rapid way to lose the attention of scientists that are making their living in creating their role view around chronic disease management so you basically decided you you take your heads you'd call a like you see it uh which takes a certain amount of courage and after you did that what was what was the first movie deborah of like okay now i understand i have this paradigm i understand it bacteria in the gut are talking to my no kandari and the body so how did you with at new knowledge how did you go about doing something with that in your clinic yeah this stage we had an realize i hadn't realized at all and as a field there was no talk about how the bacteria were talking across the spectrum at this point read ox molecules was really something that was near regarded as a mighty cadre event inside the human cells there was no concept of how the bacteria could possibly be talking inside the cells however there were some interesting rumblings coming from some of those crazy hippie doctors in california ucsd see us at four starting put out some papers on the microbiome genetics so they were started is look in the genome mix of the microbiome and they were finding some remarkable correlations of if this bacteria is present than you're going to get this cancer if these bacteria are missing year going to get this cancer so we're starting to see these correlations between microbiome genome x and human disease outcomes and that was complete copy car crazy stop talking in our in our belief system round how cancer happened in what it was as a disease process and everything else and in seoul.

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