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Going to help you as, opposed to just make the move for move sake and when I. Look at the names, that are available Yeah. I would still go. After hamels I really would I think that. He would some people were saying, last week he's. This, year's version. Of Johnson Verleger I can't go that no chance he pitching to a five Yara. Right or. Four and a half, whatever it is yeah I don't I. Think what was Verlinden when he got, traded last year was like a three that's Justin Verlander Cole hamels I? I'm, not trying to poop Cole hamels, but at this stage in his career you feel like Cole hamels is going to find the. Fountain of youth. No but he could still be a he's a. Seasoned, veterans got postseason experience at his added to. A team that's in a race he's a lefty the Red Sox. Do not hit. Lefties all that well you're not giving. Up, a ton from prospect. Stand, wide need to know how the Red Sox. Had, Cole hamels that's what I. That's what I would need to know yeah Raza. Pulses left these well right now the? Red Sox are hitting everything, well they've won twelve of thirteen they score runs in bunches just like the keys do they. Come up with clutch basis they had walk off grand Slams they. Seem, to they've got in. My, opinion if not the best player in baseball. One, of the top two or. Three and Mugabe he'll Mookie Betts is batting three sixty I know unreal and thinking about. The JD Martinez putting together Let's see Cole hamels. Against the, Red Sox I'll, look this up and try to get, it in the meantime let's go to Jim in the city what's happening Jim hey what's, up guys, realistically. Yanks picking up a you start electorate reliever Who? Do, you think it's gonna, be more importantly brilliant So Mookie Betts, is He is hitting three thirty three against Cole hamels I believe. This year no game. So that really right but it's only one. Hit one for three That's awesome This year's it's. Only twenty if you'd find the, career stats it'd be kinda cool or, just wait but maybe it is because like JD Martinez got twelve. At bats Stephen Pierce got eight at, bats so I don't know I gotta, figure this out this is a crappy website that Amman right now To. Be able to figure it out but I mean The other? Question. Is what are you giving up for Cole hamels sure other teams that are in the playoff mix race will probably be looking to add an..

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