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Years in prison Natasha del toro is a reporter for Al Jazeera's investigative documentary program fault lines Thanks so much Thank you so much Steve WNYC is supported by Netflix's new movie the harder they fall a western that gives the old west new blood starring Jonathan majors zazi beats Regina King Idris Elba and Lakeith Stanfield in select theaters this Friday and on Netflix November 3rd This is morning edition on WNYC coming up on 7 53 this morning I'm Michael hill and with me today is WNYC reporter maquette if you've been listening this is the last day of WNYC's fall fundraiser where raising the money that keeps WNYC coming to you to make sure that when you turn the dial tomorrow as mat cat says he says that dialed there when you turn that dial he listened to 93.9 FM or AMA 20 to make sure that we're still there tomorrow We need to raise the remainder of our $2.3 million goal by 7 tonight to fund the programs and stores you count on and to secure a strong future for independent journalism Help us to keep doing our work here the work you rely on to get informed and stay informed Become a sustaining member this morning the last day of this fall fundraiser give now by calling 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or you can simply go online to WNYC dot org when you do look for the thank you gifts there and look for.

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