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But what sought welcome back to another episode of High and mighty live from the Philadelphia. It's me Yup. Aw number the number one fuck they never on what by John H e? This is my fourth time doing this in three days. I've got no voice. I got no cardio. I've got no genitals but it's me not in I'm mighty studios not with the my nearly silent Co host. Arthur Poe is a dog. I have to tell people that. Now someone says it's rude that I'd never let my silent. Co host talk on the podcast. That's DMZ get. I will tell you about the other but you guys you bear chasers out. There are very forward and flattering. So thank you very much and I will post more pictures of my feet. Okay doing great couple more of these games. It's all boys and come back to life brother thank you for coming out to live high and mighty literally the hardest way to listen to a podcast. You guys are aware that at some point this will just be in your pocket unbeknownst you. It'll just arrive in your pocket but you guys paid money to come out in the snow and fucking watch a live podcast. I mean so much to me. It means so much came to this fucking.

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