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San Francisco where the kids from the local colleges or the local high schools can come by and have a workout. And Tom was there. And Tom to be quite honest, did nothing? That would say, hey, we need the draft this guy. Seth, what's the most incredible thing about Tom Brady's football career? I think that it happened. At the combine when you watch Tom people talk about him like he was a gangly looked like having ever seen a weight room. Unathletic. One of the slowest quarterbacks in the combine. Nerd who happened to become the greatest quarterback ever. Did his coaches at Michigan really stand on the table and say this is the greatest thing since Joe Montana? No, he was a really good athlete. And that's been clear. I mean, he was drafted to be a Major League Baseball player. He was weighing scholarship offers from USC from Illinois from Michigan. I mean, those are big programs that he went to. And yet, all of this was wrapped in a kind of unimpressive body. This is the scouting report that was written before the draft. Poor build, very skinny and narrow and get pushed down more easily than you'd like. Lax mobility and the ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a really strong arm. And it's lucky got drafted at all. It kind of says the same thing. Doesn't it? I mean, basically they're saying that I don't look like NFL quarterback. But he's someone who understood the fragility of success in the game that he tried to be graded. He almost went undrafted. And so Brady comes to the Patriots. And he trained himself that if he made any mistake, it might be the end of his career, and clearly it created the greatest football player ever, I think. But that mentality didn't go away as he became more successful. And in fact, it kind of intensified. But like that being said he didn't just win at the Patriots, right? I mean, he had like a ten year drought at the Patriots. So it wasn't that they weren't winning. I mean, I think he was a unanimous MVP one of those years. The first unanimous MVP, but they were coming up just short. Tom Blaney's on the downside of his career and if you asked me if you'll ever get to another Super Bowl, I have one answer. No way, no how? And when I wrote my book, it's better to be feared. That was actually one of the periods I focused the most on because the Patriots had their rise and then they had this plateau. This period where they had peaked out at almost the highest level. The ones that we lost obviously are very painful. You put a lot into it. And when it doesn't go well, you wake up the next day and you're thinking it was a nightmare. Double check in Brady really went back and reinvented themselves to try to make it so that late in the fourth quarter of super bowls, they were playing and coaching at their very best rather than coming up just short to Eli Manning's giants. Manning. Lobs it. And I think that's one of the most fascinating periods ever because being better than 99.8% of people who play pro football and coach pro football wasn't good enough. And how do you make up the difference? It's an amazing question and how they did it, I think, was really remarkable because it set the stage for everything that's happened since. Because he does do it. He overcomes this drought this inability to win another championship. Absolutely. And there was a couple pivotal moments. I think that one of them was in the 2015 playoffs. They were playing the Baltimore Ravens in Gillette stadium and midway through the third quarter, the ravens are up by 14 points. And it just looks like another year the Patriots are going to get bounced in the first game of the playoffs. But Belichick unveils these funky formations where they put a displaced receiver out. Tight end, Michael homina Nui appeared to line up as the 5th lineman. But he was actually eligible and left uncovered by the ravens. DOM takes Verstappen throws down the middle for the who man he makes the catch mirroring up to the 47. We put it in that week. We had a coaching staff that's always ahead of everything. And you know it worked and it made those guys a little boggled. The Patriots get back in the game. They scored two touchdowns really fast in the third quarter, sure enough this thing's tied. Brady leads them down on a drive to win the game at the end. And New England finally has the lead. And that really reignited the dynasty. Three weeks later, they're playing the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl down by ten points in the fourth quarter, Brady leads him on two successive drives to put them ahead. Malcolm butler makes that famous interception at the goal line to win the game. And patriots go on to win two more super bowls and Tom Brady himself goes on to win three more. And at this point, a lot of fans of Tom Brady and just of the league in general, they just can't even imagine Tom Brady playing for another team, right? He's a patriot through and through. He's an honorary son of Boston, and then he leaves. You know, the way the fan base in Boston rallied around him around to flake gate really turned him into a son of Boston. But there was always going to be a collision between Tom Brady's desire to play football. And Bill Belichick's instinct at knowing the right time to move on from a player. Even someone like Tom Brady, and the last couple of years in New England, even though they were winning a lot, there were just problems in the building between coach Belichick and Tom Brady over the TB 12 method over Tom Brady's contract, over Belichick's kind of emotionless pursuit of victory at times and Brady's desire to be in a more positive atmosphere. And that was a shadow as they kept winning the last couple of years in New England. So how does he make the decision to go to Tampa Bay? Everything is full go. The contract is signed, Tom Brady, now officially a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeah, so let's rewind to August of 2019. The Patriots are about to defend their 6th Super Bowl championship. And Tom Brady wants a contract, a multiyear contract for a fair market value that will take him into playing until his mid 40s. And the Patriots are just not willing to do it. Even though Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft should have known better than anybody else in this earth. That underestimating Tom Brady is usually a mistake, they refuse to commit to him long term. And Brady had just had it. He ends up signing a deal that allows him to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. And 48 hours after that deal was announced. Word leaks that he and Gisele Bündchen have put their Boston area house up on the market. So he knew that he was leaving. He knew that 2019 was going to be his last year. And you know, he had all these things that he wanted. He wanted a team that would embrace him and all of his crazy and greatness. He wanted a team that was close to New York so we could see his son Jack who lives with his mom, Bridget Moynahan. And I think he just wanted an atmosphere that was a little looser. Was a little bit more fun. It was a little bit like going from Harvard to Florida state. And I think that that's what appealed to him about Tampa Bay. When you spoke to teams around the league, what seemed to be the consensus was that Tom Brady was looking for a quote unquote collaborative approach. When I was a kid, I went out on the street and played with my friends, and I threw the ball to them, you know? And they threw the ball to me. And here I am 44 years old and I'm still playing and you just go, how did that happen in my life, you know?.

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